all good things are wild and free

is your family wild and free? i like to think ours is. i think back to all the times we've been out for a meal, or in a waiting room somewhere, and we're the ones making all the noise. rey is standing on benjamin's lap, screaming in a fit of laughter as he blocks her every attempt to reach for his beard with a playful bite to her hand. or the other times where she's on my lap, scanning the room with her cheeky side grin, looking for people to interact with. she'll always be the one to start a smiling contest with a random stranger, her smiles increasing in wild playfulness until she can't contain herself, and again, fits of laughter.

we're all so lucky to live in a time where we can capture these moments. cameras in mobile phones are better than my first digital camera, and so easy to access when we need them.

but there are other times when we need to be wild and free with our families, to be in the moment. these memories spent with those we love are the ones we treasure most, and having these moments captured candidly transforms these memories into something tangible.


genuine family + maternity photography

i say genuine because, well, it is. you can go anywhere for family and maternity photos, and you'll probably receive traditional, posed and cheesy shots. there'll be none of that here.

we embrace the mood. the moments between moments. the dark, the light, and everything in between. 

we capture genuine smiles. genuine laughter. genuine fun. 

wildness is key. scouting locations should take longer than a two minute google search for the nearest park. and for the love of god, do not suggest a playground (if you've made it this far, i don't think you'd want that anyway)

we want adventure in our lives. don't you? give us wild surf and incoming tide, dramatic cliff faces, remote snowy forests. these locations aren't reserved for couples only.

but adventure isn't all about the wild locations - photos taken inside the family home, yard, or neighborhood can be equally exciting, and has nostalgia value built in.


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here's to the wild things.

delphine + eyre

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