maternity shoot -- sunset at merewether beach


"I love you much
most beautiful darling
more than anyone on the earth
and I like you better
than everything in the sky"

- E.E. Cummings


Being on the other side of the fence when someone close to you is pregnant is a wondrous thing to behold, I mean going through it yourself is a whole other tale but to watch someone else journey towards something so beautiful is amazing to watch. You get immensely excited when you get blessed to feel their little one move in the womb, you well up from this deep part of your heart that is a cross between joy & excitement (sometimes you squeal a little inside), you watch their body change and grow to accommodate this little life and you not so patiently wait to meet their little one and celebrate another baby in the family. 

These two lovebirds are just about to embark on the adventure that is parenthood and they are so ready for it, the sweet first glimpse of their little one, the late night cuddles, the way they look up at you, the little toes & fingers, the way they grasp your finger for the first time, everything that comes along with the beauty of finally having your baby in this lifetime with you. I cannot wait for their family adventures and I am literally dying to meet their bub due any day now.