Little Viking | 18 Month Update

This month I have learned that being a parent, raising a little one does not have a set course or structure, every single day is a different experience, life lesson and a journey. You are honestly keeping us on our toes this month and also testing our emotional boundaries along with seeing if we hold all the power or if you hold us in your hand. To be honest, you probably hold us in your hand at this point of your childhood but we will keep that to ourselves for now. I find myself evolving into a monster mum at some points, completely loosing my patience and temper with you especially when you do something I have told you to stop twice or you just won't nap and I have to make several trips up the stairs to tell you to go to sleep. Perhaps it is time we went back to being strict with the sleep rules again. Another thing with parenting, you will keep coming back to old rules that you think you have the leisure of bending at some point but a month down the track you will have to go back to that and apply it again. Some times with parenting it feels like you are slipping away from that perfect structure you had a month ago, the nights where you actually got a full nights rest, your kid actually decides to eat veggies and every food you throw at them but then they do a 360 and only eat carbs, throw the veggies on the ground and your left with a hankering for a decent nights sleep (coffee just does not cut it sometimes). This month is one of those months, the month that we will be thankful will be over and we can all get back onto a somewhat perfect "structure" of life again. Also I do not think you want to drop your naps anymore, you have been taking almost two hour naps in both nap times in a day, I shall put it down to the teething and such, boy it is a luxury I relish in but you still wake up grumpy af most times. 

You are teething this months, I was waiting for it, welcoming it in fact but now that it is here it can just be done with. Your canines I think are the ones causing you the most grief right now and hell its one spout of grief for you! You are cranky as heck, fussy with your food, more emotional than usual which I did not think was possible, you have been chewing on things like your fingers or our fingers, drooling and those teething poo's are sent by the devil I swear. But the sleep, your sleep and ours is just the worst of it I think for all of us, the other night was just a sweltering mess, it was muggy upstairs (thank God for townhouses..), you did not want to be put down at all, you cried like literally every 5 minutes we left your room, I had to hold you for a bit while you settled down and you were just a sweaty mess on me but eventually you settled in for the night and stayed asleep but you decided to wake up at 5:30...what happened to 7:30 wake ups! I dream about those happening again soon at least on Christmas Day for us please! 

Your vocabulary has just been expanding as always again this month, you learnt how to say "two" when I was changing you once this month, you learnt the sound a sheep makes and still perfecting your "moo's" and also a bunch of other good ones like "cool". You always learnt how to wave hello now which is sweet, you still wave goodbye at the window when Dad leaves for work which is heartbreaking to watch when your upset about it. In the world of toddler you are very interested in putting on your own shoes, laying out your clothes on the floor and attempting to dress yourself, you zipped up your pj's the other night which was thrilling to watch, you love brushing your teeth and your hair and you figured out how to take clothes out of your drawers but you have not mastered putting them back. I let you play upstairs while I shower and I watch you grab several books off your bookcase and make your way to your teepee, you sit down and flick through it so calmly while I am in the shower, it is the sweetest thing to watch for any book loving parent. I notice you only take books off that you actually remember or know and the rest you put back, your tiny fingers cannot open the Golden books so you come to me for that, am I bad if I chuckle at your frustrated face. Your obsessions this month have been the monitor in your bedroom, your two dog plushes and learning how to drink water from a cup which always ends up in a mess on you or the carpet. You magically put your toys away the other morning downstairs before a nap which shocked me so much I am afraid to try it again if it was a fluke also you have been letting me change your nappy and even brought me on this week which blew my mind. Usually you run away and hide somewhere or just ignore the hell out of my frequent requests, you still do that but I hope we can hit some solid ground with you being a little bit helpful without the stresses.

You fell down the stairs this month, the sheer panic on your face is so clearly echoed and stained in my heart forever I cannot even bear writing this down. The second you slipped on the step and your hand left mine, I pictured the worst outcome happening ever, during your fall my mind has blanked out all of that part but the second you landed burns brightly every time I walk down the stairs with or without you. Thank the high heavens and God because you came out unscathed except for a busted lip and a bump on the head. The panic and horror in Ben's voice as he got to you before me will also forever remain, in that second I could not breath or blink, I just had to watch in the slowest time frame possible the horror of the one I am meant to keep guarded and safe slip from me. Your poor busted lip, bleeding whilst I held your shaking, crying little body, eventually you calmed down with the help of having some water and messing on the carpet with it, but kid, you murdered our hearts and I am eternally thankful that you are alright after that ordeal. It was one whole day, an hour, a second but it felt like the whole week had fallen right onto my shoulders in that time. I could not bear anything happening to you ever, you will forever remain in a mother bubble until I feel certain that your small scraps and bruises cannot render me broken. My mother heart is healing from this accident and you get all the cuddles, all the looks of the wild love that has birthed from your presence in my life. I now want to move to a house with no stairs, no sharp edges, nothing that could possibly bring you harm because you hold my whole heart Phoebe Rey. 

You got your needles this month, I was not there because I had to wash a super dirty dog but you got your needles in your arms for the first time and the mom guilt of not being there to comfort you is real. From what I hear the moment you had to drop the toys and go into the room you decided to not be a fan and then getting your needles done you were just a wreck, poor kiddo. You fell asleep in the car eating and I have been waiting for an entire lifetime for that to happen! It was bloody adorable but holy heck I am so sorry you were that tired, you poor sweet babe. We got you watermelon swimmers this month as well , you had some when you were smaller than you are now and I had to jump on the opportunity and get you some more from Seed that came out, they are sooo super cute and cannot wait for you to wear it. 

Scratch that, we chucked you in them over the weekend because it was a hot one and took a bunch of photographs for this blog post. Hell, you and that watermelon colour are just a match made in heaven! I was impressed you actually had a blast in the water and I lost track of how long we were actually out in the backyard. You did not have a diaper on at all and I don't think you wet yourself in that time, maybe because you were having so much fun or perhaps I missed it. I have to think about these things because I mean the next adventure is toilet training and perhaps even a big girl bed but those "adventures" can wait a little while longer. It is funny because at the same time I want you to grow up a little bit but just stay teeny forever, accept cuddles and kisses please. 


Little Viking | 17 Month Update

Writing this blog post you are now eighteen months and due for some lovely needles sometime soon this month! but back to your seventeen month milestones. 

You have been off day milk bottles before your naps since around the 12th of Oct, you still have a bottle at nighttime which I think we will be attempting to cut out sometime before the end of the year. You are also obsessed with your sippy cup now at nighttime or during any nap, its very hard to get you to let go of it and sometimes you even fall asleep with it. You were settling yourself so well during the night but for some reason your not a champ at it this month, you may actually have some teeth coming through but I am so unsure which teeth it actually is. 

You can say a few more words this month like "bubbles, bird, baby, dog, cow, apple, dad, daddy, no, car, shoes, bye and hi. You are also perfecting your blowing kisses with your hand when we say bye which is flippen adorable. Sounds you can make are "mooing" like a cow, still barking like a wild dog and you sing random tunes along to plain old music. Sometimes it sounds like you say "stop", "take this" and other words, your attitude is hella fun too.

The other day you gave us a heart attack and randomly climbed on the coffee table because for reason I don't know, you where so proud of yourself but hell you have not done it again any time soon so hopefully you forgot all about how fun it is up there. You can reach higher up now, you can reach the car door handle from the outside, you realise you can climb on things now or ask for them.

You are getting so much better at drawing, your angles are sharper and your pressing harder strokes on the paper, the way you hold the pencil is so legit that I am actually freaked out at how good you can hold it. You are a total lefty by the way. You love feeding Dakota her dog food, or mixing it in with her water, or perhaps sometimes being way interested and putting some in your mouth. You listen to me when I tell you to just give her one piece which means you know what one means? I swear you said two just the other day but we shall see if it pops up again.

You have this random new insane fear of passing trains or loud rumbles like the garbage truck and you do this funny run towards me out of sheer panic, I try so hard not to laugh at you in the moment and really hope you get passed it because you sometimes wake up because of the noises. We cannot venture downstairs without at least bringing one dog from your crib and you have liked walking down the steps with a hand to hold which is so much easier but you still crawl up them.

Pretty sure you have dropped your afternoon nap or are in the process of doing so, because if I put you down any earlier than 11:30 or something you take about 80 years to actually fall asleep. And you just do not sleep in the afternoon at all, your pretty wiped by bedtime which is a good thing but sometimes overtired so I have no idea what is going on with you. Parenting hey?! such a darn guessing game. 

You are eating a tonne more food since dropping bottles but you are still as picky as ever with your food! You legit say "no" to anything that resembles a vegetable and it is soo frustrating for me. Just eat your goddamn vegetables kid! 

Speaking of frustrating, your tantrums are getting up there, you are so sensitive and emotional about almost everything, but it is so much worse in public, like no mom wants to be judged by how crazy her small spawn is in the shopping mall or such, I don't think it phases Ben as much as it does me. We have to fill you up with chips to get you to be reasonable in public spaces now, but your still hella unruly. The other day you chucked a tantrum at me because I put on the wrong tv show for you? what even is that?! You also chuck tantrums when you don't want to get back in the car which is like your demon possessed but since getting your new big girl carseat you love it but now I cannot escape you because you a direct eye line to me. Yayy... 

You are at that fun age where you will sit still for a bit with a decent snack and water quietly, which is heaven to this mama bear and I actually can get things done around the house now. You have mastered getting on and off your trike or your cow toy and boy are you proud of punch when you do something by yourself. You are crazy tall and almost as tall as Ben when he is sitting down which is insane, your legs are like a million miles longer than mine and your hair is just crazy as ever. 

Your also testing my patience and becoming a challenging toddler/child, some days are frustrating as heck to deal with and others are a blessing. You are super independent so you like to do a few things on your own and also you learnt the word "no" so that is fun.  

You are sure making this journey one hell of an adventure Rey. We totally did a mini shoot for this blog post and your are waaaaay independant and did not want to stay still for one second but we got a few killer shots of you and heck kid you are so grown up now!


Little Viking | 16 Month Update

I almost forgot that I needed to blog your 16 month update, I just thought I already did it so this is the most unprepared I have been in months. Kid, you are just growing up so much these days, it hurts my heart but it is also super exciting to see your personality grow each day. 

This morning for the first time ever after the remote got taken off you, you sat there and frowned, your bottom lip wobbled like you were going to cry and you just looked mega sad all of a sudden, I have never ever seen you react like that before, it was an actual pre cry state and such a grown up kid thing to do. 

You have gotten much better at drawing with pencils, think you may be left handing but you use both hands so who knows. But your drawing skills are getting better as I said, you can do more angles and scribbles instead of light dots and marks. I love your little face when you are concentrating though. You are warming up to to bike which is awesome to witness, you need assistance getting on but once there you just say "wow" over and over as you propel yourself forward on your legs.

So last month you liked blue berries and sultanas, but this month you dislike them, your loving dried apricots and mangoes, cheese, McNuggets (shoot me), philly cheese carrots, jam on toast and cheerios. You did a pretty gross thing the other day and dipped your cheerios in the jam and then ate it. Whatever floats your boat kiddo. 

You still have not mastered drinking say a takeaway cup with a straw, but you drink a sippy cup with a straw like damn well but I think you just want to play with the takeaway cup and straw for now. We watered down your milk bottles to try to wean you off them but now you have a hankering for watered down milk, especially at night time which ends up with you wetting through in the morning which is not ideal at all. You will not drink milk out of a sippy up at all, just water so this process might be a bit of a challenge for both of us.

You call everyone else gum but dad is dad (so unfair), your perfecting your "byes" and say bye even when we have not said goodbye to people. You have learnt to say "sh,sh,sh" which is adorable because you say it when you notice Dakota is sleeping or you hold your plushies and pat their backs and say it. You said "frog" and "horse" once this month and your sentences are forming better but I still have no damn clue what you are actually trying to say majority of the time. Instead of pointing this month you open at close your hand at something you want, I would love it if you learnt please and thank you so we shall work on that in the next few months.

You are such a book worm and love bringing books downstairs, laying on your stomach, kicking your legs and reading them. You learnt how to put your books back on your bookshelf and are so proud when you do it. You have your favourite books and always always want to read them and you even request two book readings at night because you cray. You sit there and flick the pages, and it seems you are almost reading it and I love that you are just so into your books already. 

You randomly started sleeping through the night again for a week but then you went all "no I shall request frequent bottles at night" again which really really sucked. You may need to drop a nap during the day, perhaps your afternoon one for you to actually stay asleep the entire night, but again not to sure. Golly, parenting is such a mystery half the time. 

You zone out alot, especially when watching tv, perhaps you watch tv a bit too much so we are in the works on getting you some skill building activities or toys. I would love to get you some organic playdough but I really think you will ruin it with carpet dust, or mix or the colours together or even eat it! which seems like a nightmare to me! I got you these lovely alphabet boho flash cards but you just want to wreck them and step on them instead of learn from them. 

You don't seem to like chocolate which is really odd, like if you I give you a chocolate buscuit or a piece of chocolate you give it straight back to me and trot off. Like what kind of kid dislikes chocolate?! 

You learnt how to be soft with Dakota which is super nice and you give her kisses, but you still steal her toys and run away. You come up to us and randomly just want a hug or a kiss which I think just makes you feel better because you smile, laugh and then run away happy. You seem better at holding our hands instead of running away, maybe typing that makes me actually jinx the goodness of those moments lasting. You figured out how to open cupboards and drawers so hello child locks on everything. 

You are just keeping us on our toes and surprising us everyday with all these new milestones.