Little Viking | Toddler Room

It has been many many months of planning and even though her room is nowhere near complete I thought it best to finally reveal my efforts so far on Little Viking's room redesign. I did not really plan to redesign her room, one day we just moved her into her bedroom (originally sleeping in our room with her crib) and she adapted quite well and then a few weeks later I bought one random thing and the whole process began. Honestly designing a little space for a little person it quite stressful, I mean you would think it would be a simple task but you kind of have to be able to make the space able to grow with them and Little Viking is constantly growing up (true heartbreak). I knew from the start I wanted the space to be simple, clean and a bit Scandinavian, I did not want to change any big items like her crib or dresser because there is really no point yet I just wanted everything to flow together. I went into designing her room without a theme but there is so many beautifully styled kids rooms on Instagram, seriously guys stop raising that bar of perfection! that in the end the room has a Scandinavian feel to it but is mainly influenced by my love of Neverland.  Of course the main theme is based off Neverland, I mean have you seen Hook? Those wild little huts the Lost Boys live in? The deep reds and surrounded nature just screams adventures! I knew I wanted her space to adapt to her growing mind, for her to be encouraged to imagine and most importantly keep encouraging her love for books. 

The hunt for the perfect teepee was long, I have no idea how many sites I looked at and how many measurements I read (showed Ben a million pages on teepee's) but the Piccolo Teepee from Mocka just looked like it would fit in her room quit perfectly with it being a very small space. I did not want the teepee to take up to much room at all but also wanted her to have a space where she can read her books and have a bit of a play in. She loves it when I get in there with her and then she just crawls all over me and keeps saying "wow". In the teepee I knew I only wanted a few cushions but to also find a way to create different textures, so I got a few simple linen ones from Target (only $5) and then a rather good impulse buy was the adorable Cat Bear Cushion by Dingbat Designs which I stumbled on when we visited Wild Mountain Child. I cannot look past a good Peter Pan quote and the one on this amazingly handmade playmat by Little Wishes Boutique is just so lovely! I am so in love with the deep tones, the warmth that the colours bring and the design just goes perfectly with her entire room. It took me forever to find a rug/playmat for her room and I seriously looked at so many different rugs, I did not know if I wanted to get a weave rug for that texture aspect or just a simple small rug from Target or Kmart but the minute I saw this one on Instagram it was love at first sight. I got blessed with a beautiful name plaque from Noc Noc Wooden Toys on Instagram, it is such a precious piece with her name and date of birth etched so whimsically and I will treasure it forever. Of course it just had to sit upon her teepee as a constant reminder of how lucky we are to have Little Viking in our lives.

I knew I wanted hooks for her room, to hang odd bits and bots, coats etc, but I was so hesitant on what hooks to get because we are renting. I was going to go with ones with just sticky backs but in the end decided on screw ones because of the weight distribution. So glad I went with the simple circle ones from The Wall Collective, they bring some Scandi vibes into the room and they just look so clean on the walls. Another way I wanted to add texture to Phoebe's room was the use of macrame/weaves so we came upon a lovely weave in Leura (Moontree Candle) by Amalfi and it was on sale, like by an insane amount and we bought it on a whim. I did not think it would actually go but it fitted so perfectly and adds a touch of warmth and texture to the wall. I do want to eventually get more artworks or something to fill the rest of the wall in the future. I simply adore ADORE these sheets from The Young Co, honestly I opened them when I got them in the mail and I cried, I cried guys! They are just so beautiful and more perfect than I could ever imagine. The gorgeous flowers and colours just depict Neverland to me so much, the deep reds and mustard tones are just love! And the vines remind me of Hook, the beds that the Lost Boys sleep on, all those tones and vintage vibes and it goes so well with the Camomile London deep red blanket I bought from Leo and Bella. I will certainly be purchasing more sheets for Phoebe because I just love them. (Secretly wish our bed looked this good though!). I knew I wanted to bring feathers into the design somewhere, my mind was forever going back and forth between artworks and garlands of feathers but when I saw these wooden ones from My Marybell I knew they would be perfect. Originally they are used for flat-lays but I wanted to be creative with them and decided to put them on the wall, they act as a lovely wall decor but also in a way a sneaky mobile because of their position above the crib. I love how they are falling down so dream- like and to me embody a peaceful, sleepy feel to that wall space. I have such a great respect and love for Brigitte May's artistry I mean heck she designed the logo for Delphine and Eyre so of course I had to use one of her works for Phoebe's room, I think the collab piece she did with Vines of The Wild was one of the first pieces I bought for Phoebe's room, even when I did not know which direction of design I was going to go with. I love how is mirrors the nature outside her windows and how the artwork depicts a mothers love for her little ones so beautifully. I love love it so much and am so tempted to get another one to fill up the space! pretty sure our entire house will probably be filled with her artworks. (Secretly want her to design a tattoo for me one day in the far far future because I am not brave enough to get one yet haha!) 

I love the circle shelves in the market at the moment but my budget (if I even had one) did not allow me to get a grand one so we kind of had to make do with one from Kmart and it is no means perfect but for now it fits our little rental abode. The creativity that the Instagram mums and community have into decorating little shelves is simply insane and amazing at the same time, I will be constantly changing and adding things to her bedroom that I know but I am so thankful to have such a source of inspiration. So know I will share a few things on her shelf, I ordered the crown from Nature Crowns specially for her first birthday party and even got it engraved with "Little Viking" which now makes it the most adorable little keepsake ever. I love how it fits into the whole Neverland/Peter Pan theme of the room and it also adds a touch of adventure and whimsy. I won the dark wooden spinner on Instagram in a lovely giveaway with Wild Creek Co and was a bit worried that it would not mesh well with all the light wood tones but I paired it with a pine cone I found in the wilderness, put a polariod of Phoebe & Benjamin and it just looks really sweet. Can't wait for Phoebe to get a little bit bigger so she can play with it. We had some Love Mae decals I used in her room when she was a wee babe and I did not want to get rid of all of them so I decided to use the tree's to go alongside the Oh Ivy animals that I got for her shelf. It adds a bit of depth and play to everything and I quite like that I put the decals to good use. Oh Ivy has some amazing animals and I will certainly be getting more as Phoebe gets older but I thought I would stick with the whole forest theme and get the Deer Calf and Finn The Fallow Deer, they are so amazing and we even used them on her first birthday cake! I knew that I wanted a garland for her room and at times I was tempted to make my own with feathers, I also looked at many wooden ones and such on Etsy but I came across this felt Oak Leaf Garland by Little Wildfeather and it was perfection! I mean Peter Pan's outfit is oak leaves!! Again another Peter Pan throwback to the acorns, is the little wooden ones I got from Milkies Candle and Co, they are so beautifully crafted and I am sure as Phoebe gets older she will enjoy much play out of them and also on her shelf is some wooden blocks (Noc Noc Wooden Toys) with viking things etched onto them because, I mean Phoebe's nickname before birth and now is Little Viking and I just had to get it for her. (Also on her shelf is some forest nesting dolls that was a gift and a monster teether from Pop Ya Tot

Next to her shelf I have a little mini hook for odd bits and bots, I have a fox plaque that was a gift, a beautiful Billy Bibs bib that I won (so blessed) and also as an ode to my Peter Pan love I just had to get Phoebe a necklace from Meadow and Fawn, even though she will not wear it for a couple years time I thought it was a sweet gesture and a beautiful keepsake for her to have, I mean come on its a "kiss" acorn necklace!! 

On her dresser I just had to get something to cover up all the white showing on top so I got a tablecloth from Ikea which fits perfectly and on top of that is a few special things, like her milestone poster that we used for decoration at her first birthday by Behind The Green Door, it is so beautiful and I love the florals on it. I also put the amazing The Viking Boy book by Vicki Wood (unclebearskinproductions) + Brigitte May on top of the shelves, because one it is a stunning cover (and story!) but also did not want Phoebe to rip out a page because she did that with another book that I love and I died a little inside. I have loved Hazel Village dolls for ages now and I cannot wait till Phoebe is old enough to play dress ups with them, the sweet range of little outfits for the dolls is to die for but so is each lovingly made doll! I just had to get her the Phoebe Fawn doll (Wiggles Piggles) because I mean it's name is Phoebe and it is down right adorable!  Okay my love of Peter Pan might be an obsession but when you grow up loving a book so much of course you want to teach your little one to love the same tale as you. I love the little wooden peg dolls that Flower Folk make and I did not think that they would make what I request but the photographs do not do it justice! The amount of detail on each character is just insane, from the clothing to the tiniest little thing! If you have not guessed it yet, the characters are Peter and Tink from Hook - It just makes me so sentimental about the entire film but also the late Robin Williams. I will forever treasure that film and I hope Phoebe does as well. I love the teepees that Henry and Arlo make and I knew I had to get one with feathers to match the theme but also add a bit of wildness to the top of her dresser. I ordered the tribal medium teepee the moment it came in (super eager), it is so so beautifully crafted and I cannot wait for Phoebe to play with it! I also had to get the mini campfire from Phoenix Tribe, the moment I saw it on Instagram I had to get it, I think I stalked Phoenix Tribe Art page until they released it and I must of been one of the first few. It is so darn amazing, the little flame flickers and is perfect for imaginary play, just hurry up and age Phoebe but stay my babe forever haha!

That is pretty much everything in her little room for now but there is so many things I have put on Pinterest and have my eye on! Hope you enjoyed reading (super long post sorry) but do check out all the shops and support small 


“So come with me, where dreams are born, and time is never planned. Just think of happy things, and your heart will fly on wings, forever, in Never Never Land!” 
― J.M. Barrie