Little Viking | 10 Month Update

I did not think that Little Viking's ten month update would be any difference from last months, but honestly so much just keeps changing with her and she surprises us almost every single day. 

One thing that I am noticing about her is that she has a brave heart, she loves waving "hello" at random people (she can be a bit shy which is beyond adorable, who does not love a little kid hiding their face in your leg), she adores being center of attention a bit much and she has been gifted with the ability to sing, I have no idea how she has figured out that singing is different to actual talking, the minute she hears a melody or any sort she will sing along to it and the cute part is she has even started swaying and dancing which just kills my heart. Each day she is becoming more and more vocal, she watches your mouth move and she is learning new words now, words that she has learnt this month is "duck" and "cat", we are still working on "toy", "keys" but she has perfected the word "dog". Well I guess now we have to watch what we say around her and what she watches on tv! (crud) 

She sure does love her food but she has been super super fussy, I think it is because she is teething like hello I can see your teeth breaking through (poor kid), she does not like carrots or sweet potato but we now know that she simply adores cheese, like it is a problem! she will spit out whatever she is eating for cheese! She still loves her meet, little dinosaur and the other day she actually drank out of a sippy cup with a straw by herself which made Ben cry. She has been really good during the day with her naps, she just falls asleep by herself with no fuss but come nighttime and it is a whole new ball game. I swear the other night we got up like several times to many to just go in a lay her down, those damn teeth I tell you what! Poor thing, it really does break my heart and I take advantage of all the sleepy cuddles I can get! 

She has started to play with Dakota a bit more and even throws the ball for her to fetch, although Dakota has to learn the art of sharing, Phoebe will occasionally give her a biscuit she is eating which sometimes Dakota will steal, which than ends in tears. She has started to drink the bath water (rolls eyes) and has learnt how to blow bubbles which is so cute! One of these darn days we will take you swimming my love!! She loves climbing on things and through things, mainly the dining table, she loves rolling around in pillows and is using her brain to solve things and plan her best route. It is horrifying but so amazing watching her little brain work. She still loves pulling the wrong books off my bookself which is highly naughty, like how do you teach your kid the word "no", Phoebe just gives you the cheekiest of grins and does things faster or crawls away from you thinking it is a game! I have no idea how to implement the word "no"

I cannot wait till we can turn her seat around in the car, quite frankly I am getting tired of being stuck at the back with her, thrown myself under the bus with giving her bottles in the car. It is super great when she is asleep and I can do whatever but when she is fussy as heck in the car, Lord help me! it is not ideal. She actually had her first ever train ride this week because of Colour Conference and it went well sort of, she saw the emergency talk button on the seat and immediately went for it, she starting grabbing an old ladies jacket, dropped her rusks a million times, made passengers look at us because she was loudly happy, she loved the movement of the train, sat quietly a few times, looked at all the people and had a jolly old time but the cute moment was when we got to the hotel in the city and she just was so happy to play on the bed and laugh at her own reflection. 

Seriously though it is a month down till her birthday and I am dying, dying being so overwhelmed with everything that still needs to be done and paid for, have created so many deadlines for myself and I really really hope that is all just works out because these last few months have been crazy. Praying that is all just does and the day is perfection. (fingers crossed).