Rey Bae's Floral Fiesta

Over the weekend we celebrated Rey turning two with a floral fiesta themed party, it was a lovely little wintery day with a handful of the best people coming together. The theme for her party changed multiple times (it always happens with my brain) and I finally settled on a fiesta theme after of course delighting in Disney's recent film, COCO which if you have not seen yet you probably should because it is one beautiful film (ask my husband, he totally cried at the end). 

I was planning on going with alot of traditional fiesta party decor but somehow it just ended up a floral wonderland. Our lovely neighbour had boxes of flowers in her garage and she kindly let us have them for Rey's party, so my amazing friend Lauren and I made the flower garlands and other hanging floral decorations (it literally took us a whole darn day and alot of staples). But it saved us so much money so we are so grateful for them. 

Now lets get to that cake, because it was just damn delicious! another beautiful creation by the amazingly talented Erin from Unplanned Bakery. She created this gorgeous simple but elegant, floral beauty and it's safe to say everything simply loved it. It matched perfectly with our garland creations and it was just spectacular. You should certainly go check out her Instagram and give her some love, we cannot thank her enough! 

The gorgeous designed cookies are from the lovely Lisa from Mrs Woods and Co, she worked with me to create these perfect personalised cookies for Rey's party, she was so wonderful and attentive to detail, they turned out so great and were sooo buttery that we snuck a sneaky one in the car when we picked them up off her. Thank you so much Lisa! 

I had a flower headband custom made for Phoebe's wee head and the colours just paired up so beautifully with all the other floral delights. Megan from Little Wildfeather, was so helpful in deciding on colours and flower designs. We know have a lovely keepsake from Phoebe's second birthday but also something that her little sister can wear because she is all about the bows & headbands. 

The day was pretty decent, despite the freezing cold mountains weather which was just crazy icy, we wished it would snow but alas it did not. Cannot thank those who came and celebrated with us enough and all the lovely little gifts for our not so Little Viking. 


Fiesta Balloons - Ruby Rabbit | Floral Headband - Little Wildfeather | Sugar Skull Plates - Meri Meri | Cake - Unplanned Bakery | Cookies - Mrs Woods and Co | Floral Garlands and Other Decor - DIY | Letter Board - Kmart | Gold Foil #2 Balloon - Big W