Motherhood Journey | Arise - 39 Week Bump Session

so for the past few months I knew I would have to eventually change the name for "Life With Little Viking" because this motherhood journey for me is expanding to not just one little one but two little ones. I wanted the new name to reflect what I envision motherhood to be, what motherhood has taught me and also my faith because I am so thankful for what God has blessed us with. 

I fell into a trap of doing research on Instagram, taking note of other people's Instagram handles and try to "fit" into that category of cool. I came up with so many average, expected names and some of which surprisingly where not even taken on the social media front but none of them really stuck with me. I threw out words that came to mind in my notes on my phone like "woven" and "nomadic" but knew I was in a loosing game because these words did not truly represent me and this journey. Once I actually stopped over-thinking and aspiring to portray something I was not, the words evolved to "sisterhood" and "devoted" 

The fact that I would have two daughters and be blogging about my journey with them stood above it all, I wanted a space and a name where I could reflect on life with them both, together and individually.  It was not until I took a step back and focused on what I wanted to share that the name literally dropped into my lap or heart should I say. I cannot believe I did not see it right in front of me in the first place, I mean the branding for Delphine and Eyre pretty much is the soul of the new name for this blog. 

I will say that I honestly think this word is the word that God has placed on not only myself but as my life as a mother. The moment it came to be a tangible, real and alive thing I felt so empowered by it and everything it holds dear. I felt so selfish attempting to conjure up the "perfect" word that in all the midst all that I forgot to ask God, I forgot to be thankful to him. 

Because from the moment he saved me, I arose into his loving arms, I arose a beloved daughter, I arose into a wife when he gave me the most incredible husband and I arose into a mother when he gave me the blessing of our first born daughter Phoebe. All of these things that I have become in this life are because of him and only him, they are the pure representations of his undying, never-ending love for me and I am so deeply thankful for this word that he has placed over all of these blessings.

When creating Delphine and Eyre I wanted the branding to reflect how I see love and motherhood, so I chose a lioness and her cub to represent that because to me that is what motherhood is to me. Lionesses are incredibly maternal, strong and brave, they are everything I aspire to be as a mother and I am one strong, fierce lioness when I have to be. Few years back at church I first heard the empowering wisdom of Lisa Bevere, her book  "Lioness Arising" that she preached from one night woke me, it shook me to the core and woke that dormant strength and bravery that I now carry on in this motherhood journey. I devoured her book and learnt so much goodness from it, I learnt that I am so deeply loved as a daughter of Christ.  and that I hold an untamed power to rise up.

But I also learnt that I can use that same untamed power to encourage and empower my own daughters, teach them that they themselves are strong, brave and beautiful. And that is exactly what I want this space to be, a space where I can not only reflect but also teach, my very own daughters but inspire, empower others who are on this journey. 

So I will finally share the new name of "Life With Little Viking" which will hold all of my heart, the monthly updates of both our little ones, my faith journey and all that motherhood holds for me. I thank those who have been on this path with me from the beginning and have encouraged me to speak truths and honesty. I feel very privileged that I even have this space to speak my heart and not be judged so just thank you for all support. 

I will share this one empowering quote from Lisa's book but I encourage you to seek out and read it yourself because it is just a winner. 

"the lioness rises from her slumber, a magnificent image of strength, passion and beauty. Her mere presence commands the landscape, protects her young and empowers the lion. In groups, lionesses act as one to become a creative and strategic force to be reckoned with"


// ARISE //


{also how could I not include some cheeky captures of my incredible husband behind the lens! thank you for encouraging me during this shoot and for helping me channel the "wakanda" dance. love you so much and am so thankful for you in my life}