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I have been wanting to review children's books well any books since forever ago and thought in my mind I had to go out and buy a whole selection of new ones to start but I did not realise that Phoebe actually has a tonne of decent storybooks. So the other day right before her nap {which was not a good idea} I took a few captures of a handful of books that we like reading together. I will probably actually start reviewing her books the next blog post after this one because it is a whole new game that I am not familiar with. So for now enjoy a few little captures of some of our favourite reads. I will be posting links below of all of them and also thank you to those who have gifted her some of these beautiful finds.

Phoebe has a tonne of books and I honestly have no idea where to keep them all. I am working on finding a storage solution for them and hopefully finding the perfect bookcase that will last for a few good years. I am tossing up getting two bookcases depending on how many books its can actually hold and making like a corner nook section in her room just filled with books. It sounds so dreamy in my head. I want a bookcase that is tall enough that she cannot reach the good books because she has this damn habit of ripping pages especially flap up books and especially when she is naughty. I don't know why she does it because she is pretty good with reading them and turning pages so she only really does it when she is acting out which is rare but it still cuts me to the core as a sticky tape them back together. 

A few that that I have to read every night are ZOOM by Sha'an d'Anthes which was a recent gift for her birthday, Phoebe absolutely loves this book and it is her first space focused book. The illustrations give the sense of space being endless on the pages with fine detailed stars, the beautiful depicted planets as animals is a super lovely touch, I adore Neptune and how frisky Mars looks. Phoebe especially likes the part when Pluto sneezes (she laughs like a dork). Another she loves is The Book Of Things by Sarah Dyer, she has learnt so any big words from this already and she points to everything before bed which is great because she is learning something knew just before sleeping, I notice that she points to things and says what they are when she is about to nap in the car too so what a good little knack to have. She runs to her bookcase to get Dogs, she loves dogs like adores them so this preciously illustrated book is perfect for her, I think she is a major fan of the fast dogs and the little cat at the end the most. And lastly another that she likes alot is Lisa Bevere's Lizzy The Lioness, which I was dying to get her when it came up but she kindly got gifted it by a family member. We love this book and the message it teaches about being brave, I love how relatable Phoebe is to Lizzy especially with the not wanting to nap and stay put, always being an explorer, Phoebe loves the part were the Lizzy's dad roars away the baboons and she always roars with me which is adorable as heck. 

I have noticed she will go through her pile of books and find certain ones that she likes and then I find her sitting in bed flicking through them which is cute. She certainly has her favourites and requests them at bedtime, sometimes I have to read like four books to her haha I usually let her get out of bed to pick them which she finds super fun. I also noticed she likes it when I change up my voice and say things funny, if I get excited reading the words than she gets excited listening to them which is cute. I really want to start focusing on what books I do buy her, ones that will teach her things like shapes and colours, emotions and about the world. I am a sucker for the gorgeously illustrated books and always impluse buy when I am in a bookstore. I now do my research on popular and upcoming books through Instagram and follow @kids.books.we.love @smallprintbooks @book.nerd.mommy and @bookieboobox

I really hope you enjoy this new adventure of discovering with us and find some superb books that you will love and treasure just as much as we do. 

{I just about a few new books for June and am so excited to review them all]


Coming Home - Michael Morpurgo | The Book Of Things - Sarah Dyer | Macca The Alpaca - Matt Cosgrove | Dream Animals - Emily Winfield Martin | Lizzy The Lioness - Lisa Bevere | Dogs - Emily Gravett | Little Big Girl - Claire Keane | This Is Sadie - Sara O'Leary | Zoom - Sha'an d'Anthes | Love Is - Diane Adams