Little Viking's First Zoo Day

Oh Little Viking, of course we would take you to the zoo for your first birthday! I am so raising you as an animal lover and you already are. Even though you don't really know how to be gentle with Dakota yet [fair few tail pulls], you are open to her giving you kisses, you play with her and laugh so big when she does something you find funny, you also share your biscuits with Dakota unwillingly or not. If you see a real dog, a picture or statue of a dog anywhere you shout "dog" and stare at it until it is out of your view. You are so kind and loving, we are so proud of the person you are growing up to be. 

The zoo was a no brainer for me despite you not being able to physically remember it or not, the memories for all of us and the photographs will in the future allow you to walk down a happy day celebrating your welcome to this life. The day was pretty much perfect, the sun was shining all day, the zoo was not overly busy and the company was delightful [thank you Aunty Loz for coming along with us] we ate some lunch whilst getting stalked by bush turkeys and other birds, you enjoyed some messy grapes and your fave banana bread, every animal was a "dog" to you but oh well, you saw elephants, monkeys, sheep and so many other animals, you chucked a tired tantrum once because you needed a nap and you fell asleep immediately in the car which was so welcoming.

You are such a big girl now, it is so crazy to think how far you have come already in just a short while, you are taking bigger steps everyday and the smile on your face when you walk towards us is the greatest thing ever. You are way more vocal and I still do not know what you are saying half the time, you now have no more dummies and are almost sleeping through the night, you wake up at 7am everyday which we are so thankful for, you love all your books but recently you actually find them funny and laugh while we read it which is so adorable, you also laugh when others around you laugh or if they are laughing on tv. You are such a gem Phoebe Rey and we are so blessed to have you in our lives. love you now and forever