Little Viking | 9 Month Update

In the quiet moments when I am with Phoebe, I find myself just staring at her, I mean she is such a blessing on our lives, God chose us to be her parents and he created her inside of me, she is just the most perfect combination of Benjamin and I and I am just so in love with her. During that entire pregnancy I could not even picture what she would look like and when she finally arrived I was just so in awe of what she looked like and just curious about who she would become (still won't get over Benjamin's words when she arrived). I find myself admiring her features, I love her eyes which the colour is like mine but seems so much deeper, the way that she searches my face, I swear in that moment I get so lost just looking at all she is. It's the little things she does right before a nap like, plays with your fingers which means she tries to take your cuticles off, she has started to rub her hair when she is tired or over-tired maybe because I rub her head to soothe her, I really want her to love that moment because I loved it so much when my parents did that for me when I was falling asleep, she always double checks your right next to her crib before she goes into a deeper sleep which can be the worst thing when you want to sneak away. I love the way one side of her hair is more wild than the other when she wakes up, more curly I suppose and that she pokes her tongue at you when she is in the cheekiest of moods.

She manages to make under the table and through the chairs an adventure for herself, sometimes she gets stuck but she always takes a little moment to think about her exit strategy and she darn well loves pulling things out and putting them back, especially into boxes. Phoebe adores books, if a book is on the ground she will crawl as fast as her little heart can take her and attack it, sometimes she is gentle with it and turns open the page annnnd sometimes she is not, I am so glad though that she loves books! She loves TV just as much maybe even  a bit more, seriously when Doc McStuffins is on she goes a bit nuts for that song, which by the way I do not mind being in my head. The bond that her and Dakota has is something special, Dakota is very gentle with Phoebe and I am so pleased about that, they play tag and share toys together and it is crazy but so glad they can grow up together for a little bit. A few other things that I have noticed is that she is getting much better at picking up things with her fingers, like bits of food eg peas or crumbs of whatever, before she would just use her entire hand but she is a darn clever one but now she just uses her fingers This kid loves her food, everything we eat she pretty much will have a crack at and she loves just about anything and eats so so much! I tell you what she has also found her voice, she is so loud when she wants to be and has the cutest expressions depending on her moods. And on that topic of her moods, those teething moods are just insane especially since it is affecting her sleep, she is quite possible the most difficult kid ever trying to put to sleep these days, I think she is also very clingy as well or in that phase, but when she is in the crib she literally calls for me and I die, I just want to pick her up and hold her forever when she says "Mum". She always says it, I think I am every object she picks up now, she also says "og' which is dog and she gets excited she sees a dog, or hears dogs barking. She still loves bath times and literally will not finish her dinner if we touch the bath tub during, I am so so excited to take her swimming this year I am sure she will love it just like her bath time. 

A few last significant things that probably should be at the top of this blog post but what the heck, SHE TOOK HER FIRST STEPS! which was the most shocking, thrilling and scariest thing that I have ever witnessed! we were both in way to much shock to video record any part of it but one of these days we will get it on camera. She is even standing for so much longer than before and gets so excited when she is up! It is so crazy to think that she is going to be walking like very very soon! It all started when we were up in Tamworth and I went off to go to the bathroom, turned around and she was up walking with the walker thing, I was so amazed and it happened so fast! She is also wanting to feed herself with her spoon when she eats, she is so over us holding the food or feeding her, so independant and she is also starting to point and things that she wants, yesterday she wanted me to open the bathroom door, she hit the door and than said "mum", like kid just stop will ya! I cannot handle you growing this fast! It is all just insane how fast the time flies.