Little Viking | Birthday Adventures

the day started with you totally noticing the birthday balloons on the staircase, ruining the surprise which was going to be us putting them in your room to wake up to but you decided to wake up five minutes before Da's alarm. it worked out well anyway and you loved the balloons everywhere {heck they are still gracing our lounge room} squeals of delight filled the house as you began kicking the balloons, throwing your body onto them and you even took some to show Zoey while we looked on half asleep but woken with love in our hearts. we then got ready like any other normal day and did our usual routine, we stopped for coffee {a must} and made the journey to your first birthday activity. 

we headed towards Kanimbla Valley to go see some horses and maybe if you allowed it, a short lead pony ride {I had my fingers crossed for you to actually do it}. it was a beautiful drive down into the valley, super bumpy but hella worth it. we arrived at Centennial Glen Stables and unfortunately did not actually have a booking so no ponies for you but this super lovely kind lady who's name we have forgotten sadly was super happy to show you some horses and sit on one if you wanted. you were amazed at the horses and kept saying "horses" every-time you saw one, also a little weary at approaching them because of their height, you patted one very softly after a few walks around the stables and even sat on one after chucking tantrums of having a helmet on your head. I was so fricken proud of you in that moment though! like you sat on an actual big horse! your some kind of crazy brave kid! it really is beautiful down in that valley and one day soon we will have to go back for some actual horse riding. but I am so glad we went and that they were so accomodating towards us. 

we then made a quick trip back to Leura, which is when you napped for about half an hour {the only nap the whole day}, got some hot chippies, your favourite food pretty much and ventured to the park. we had a wee bit of a picnic in the crisp mountain air and you had a few slides on the slippery dip {is that what it's called these days}. we then spoilt you with some new books because umm impulsive buys on your birthday are a must in my world. then we went home and set up a little bit of a craft for you in the backyard with some metallic paints, you did not like having paint on your hands and kept wiping it on your clothes haha but I think you had a little bit of fun messing with the paints. you were concentrating a fair bit though most of the time though so it was hard to pick your emotions. you then played with a few balloons inside and then we went out the front and fooled around with your scooter in the afternoon air. we hung outside with Frank the pooch and our lovely neighbour Carol, we then had pizza for dinner and you had a silly garlic bread piece with candles in it because garlic bread cake is soooo a thing! haha, you then opened a few little gifts from us and then it was bedtime. 

It was a full on day and we were all damn exhausted after it but we all had so much fun celebrating you Phoebe and I know you had a big, fun day as well. 

we love you so much Rey Bae.