Little Viking | Big Sister

dearest Phoebe,

we thought we would have a few good years with the adventures we would have with just you as our only child but somewhere along the journey of you stepping into toddler hood my mother heart knew from your expressive heart that you yearned for a friend. the way you would say "hello" to random children we passed by and walk after them with a childlike curiosity made my heart break for you. we never ever expected to be blessed so surprisingly and so soon with another child but God knows what is in store for our wee family in the future and we have welcomed this new growing life into our hearts.

your ever growing kindness towards others is a sure fire sign that you will be the most wonderful big sister and even typing that your going to be a big sister will never make it seem possibly real. we are so blessed that we get to delight in another little girl and that you will forever have a sweet sister, a best friend by your side. as the weeks grow into months, getting closer to the arrival of this babe, your tiny love spark for all things babies is slowly growing, you spot them out and about, baby animals and even in your picture books. you can now say "baby" and "puppy" so you know the concept of those two words. you are so sweet when I say "where is baby" or "where is baby sister" and you not only point my my growing belly but also your own, you plant the most moist kisses of slobber on my belly and even give cuddles which is by far the sweetest thing.

i am sure this life changing experience that will happen in the new year will completely turn your world upside down and inside out, perhaps at first it will seem new, strange and a bit overwhelming but in due time i know you will come to accept and love all the chaos and beauty. i just want you to know that we love you just as much as when we first met you, just as much as when we first found out about you inside of me and the precious blessing that you are in our hearts. you will always be our first and the little viking that changed our worlds for the better. i don't want you to forget that my sweet girl, not for a second. i know when the baby comes that our attentions will be divided and yes, my heart already breaks for the emotional, state we will all be in with a newborn in the house, the sleep deprivation and all the mess that comes along with it all but i will make it my utmost best to be there for you, to listen to you and to give you the love you seek in every moment I can.

your my sweet rey bae & are so loved.