Little Viking | Turning Two {23 Month Update}

today you turn two and I cannot believe how grown up you are. in the quickest year ever you have surpassed milestones, your personality has blossomed and you have brought a whole tonne of crazy joy to our lives. in that space of a year, you became a big sister and have settled into the role more beautifully than we could of ever imagined, you are so insanely loving to your little sister that I thank God for the both of you daily and how He created you.

you are kind, creative, caring, curious, smart and at the same time reckless, crazy, wild and silly. you have this untamed braveness or adventurous spirit that allows you to tackle scary activities or just freak out your mother, you get insane looks of cheekiness and a rogue smile that means your up to your usual mischievous antics like a usual toddler but majority of the time you are a superb listener and helper.

your afraid of loud noises that trains or planes make but at the same time fascinated by them. your vocabulary and speech are expanding every day as you pick up every word we say, how we say it and the meaning of it. your taking showers now instead of baths, mainly because we do not have a bath tub that fits you but you love it, although you still don't like letting us brush your teeth or wash your body (that is all you apparently). your fiercely independent, so much so you drive us crazy with doing things yourself or running in the direction you want.  

today marks two years of being a mother, your mother, the role that God blessed me with when He blessed us with everything you are. you have taught me alot in that somewhat short time, you have opened my heart in ways I never could of known or imagined, you have tried and testing the very core of me and have taught me a never-ending, wild love for you that will stand for eons. you are the very soul of me kid and you will forever be my shining, radiant one, my rey bae. 

love you