Little Viking | 21 Month Update

Rey, you are so so close to turning two and my heart cannot handle it! Plans for your second birthday party is well underway we just need to rob a bank to afford all of it. I am learning a great deal about compromise just planning out your birthday party and your big girl room, it is so easy to fall into the trap of buying everything that costs an arm/leg but I just have to find alternatives to some of those things which in the end probably makes me feel much better about it all. Because all those things do not matter right? It is the moments in-between and during that count the most. But I am excited for your birthday and hope it all just comes together in the end. 

Your vocab is just expanding by the minute and you say the most random sentences of gibberish ever, we honestly have no idea what you are saying but you are talking sooo much!. You learnt "shoo", "plane", "thank you", "neat", "frankie", "jump", "sissy", "kiss", "pool", "ow" (legit your favourite word), "shoes", "socks", "pants", "turtle". You are becoming your own little person, a very sassy, independent little person that is for sure and also I think you have a dominate nature because your stare is intimidating to me (your dad thinks I am crazy for saying that) but your eyes are just intense when you actually look deep into them.

You like copying us when we work out with you nearby, you always attempt to jump and your so proud even though your feet do not leave the floor, you just sort of bend your knees and say "yayy". You like playing with your Noc Noc Wooden blocks and putting them in order, you also put all the same images up the same way, you love stacking them and then saying "oh nooo" when they fall down. You love stacking almost anything that resembles a block or any of your toys, you have also figured out that you can draw on most things with your pencils which is soo not fun.

Your still super picky but some days you will randomly eat something you have never liked or tried before which just blows my mind, you can now drink from a cup with less mess than before and a big bottle. You drink you dad's shake after this workout which is so random because I swear if I gave you something you will not eat or drink it (daddy's girl huh)

We were in the shop the other day and I put you on one of those big trike bikes in the store (those things are bloody heavy compared to your Kinderfeets bike), you loved the crud out of it despite not being the greatest at balancing and you kicked up a stink when we left. Now I am so keen for you to perfect your balance on your balance bike so we can move it to two wheels. (oh you were also scared of trying the skateboard, you lost points there kid) 

Your scared of random bugs now and you actually freak us out when we are in the car when you say "buggie" because you don't know the difference between a bug and a spider annnd we instantly think huntsman because Benjamin is just waiting for those guys to show up somewhere (he totally jinxed it and there was a huntsman outside the door one morning). You don't mind flies, you actually chase them around the house trying to poke them with your finger. The other day you watched me squish a little spider with my shoe and then you went to get your shoes and went up to it saying "shoo, shoo, shoo". 

You have been more alert of things that scare you, like reflections in the glass door at night time and every time you get scared you come running to us, your kind of freaking me out when you get freaked out because I have just watched way to many horror movies to ignore that crud. 

You like your swimming lessons so far and I really hate how they are on the same day as our hospital appointments so you have missed out on a few. But you like it when you get praised for doing an exercise right, you kick your legs sometimes but other times your like a dead fish in water while we move you around, you attempted to blow bubbles last lesson and we still have not put your head under because yeah I don't know if your ready for that yet. You still get freaked out when they all start singing and honestly we do not know the songs so kid we feel you. Your lesson is smack bang on time with your nap time so by the time it ends your unruly and just done with listening, which again I understand and don't get why the older classes are earlier but your one just has the 11:30 time.

You discovered your clothes in your drawer the other day when I was in the shower so you tried dressing your dog, you try to dress yourself and put your shoes on although you have not perfected the shoes yet. You also have a shower when we get back from swimming so now you try to get in the shower, clothes on whenever one of us is in there with you nearby which is soooo fun (sarcasm). You can grab wipes and clean your face and hands when they are covered in food  or something, you will come up to me and show me something you picked up and say "ew", which you will wipe said eww thing on me to get rid of it.

You destroy books now. I am not a fan of this new "activity" of yours and it breaks my heart massively the amount of books I have had to sticky tape back together now. Some which Benjamin was excited to give to bebe #2 but now majority of them are in tatters, literally.

You have started wanting us at night time when you wake up (back to square one with sleep training again maybe), you say "mum", "Dad", "dog" when your seeking our attention or basically when you get stuck with those long legs of yours, which is majority of the time, probably time to start thinking about putting you in a big bed soon. But honestly how do people actually get their toddlers to stay in bed and not play or make a mess at night? Your dad kind of traumatized you the other night by putting you on the toilet, you were not a fan at all so now we basically have to get one of those little potty's for you to use when we eventually go down that road. I don't want to deal with you running around with an un-wiped poo bum, I mean I can deal when the dog has poop on her bum but human poop is just grosser. I have no idea when we will be taking that adventure but I am not very keen to explore it just yet.

You like it when we play hide & seek, you will literally put anything in front of your face and say "Phoebe", which we have to reply with "where is Phoebe?", you love getting under the blanket with us in a fort and just chilling out. You like seeing yourself in the car mirror when your in the car and you also tend to nap when I nap in the car which is nice because you don't kick up a fuss. 

You have started noticing things in your books like, bugs, animals, trees, ears, eyes, nose, mouth and babies. You like learning the alphabet with the letters and pictures you got for Christmas, you learnt a few new words in just a week and some letters which is fun to watch. You can also pretty much count to 10 when we walk down the stairs counting them together which is rather impressive. 

You learnt how to go down the slide by yourself just the other day and you can climb the ladder with some assistance all the while stopping my heart because I am waiting for you to whack your teeth out on it. You loved it when Daddy climbed and slid down which he then started to chase you, you are still unsure about the swing and will sit on it but I can see your little mind just "overthinking" about it a bit. (you also honestly look like your going to be sick on it too)

You actually to clever for your own good and one of these days your growing curisotiy will get you in deep water. You entering terrible two's which is just.....well you have been in that phase for some time now but your toddler demon side is for sure coming out more and more. You have knack for throwing everything and anything when you do not get your way, including your body on the ground (what the hell kid), why the heck do toddler's even have to go through this stage??!! It is insane and I hope you just get past it already because hell. I hope by the time your sister goes through this stage that you are like a model citizen or something so she just behaves like a saint for us. 

Your little sister will be here like anytime now and we can't wait to see what kind of big sister you will be. I just know your going to poke her in the eye or something or point out her nose but I am excited for all the chaos and beauty that will come from it all.