Little Viking | 19 Month Update

I figured I would do your 19 month update sooner rather than later because I will probably be doing a Christmas one with whatever we capture over the holidays. But mainly because we kind of randomly took photographs of you the other day and you are just too darn adorable.

Seriously been growing this new sense of mama pride and love for this next phase of your childhood, you are fiercely independent almost to a point of frustrating for you and us. You are very interesting in learning new things and trying new things such as putting on your shoes, putting on various items of clothes, closing doors {and opening them], a random fascination with buckles of the sort, brushing your teeth and figuring our puzzles by yourself. If we attempt to help you while your in one of your determined moods you chuck a massive fit and throw yourself on the ground, well actually you have been doing that a fair bit as well {early terrible two's perhaps You love to help out with some activities, such as carrying groceries or mail when Dad gets home, you randomly got tissues out the other day and started cleaning the photo frames, you are still a bit unsure of the vacuum cleaner but you help out by holding it for me and you also like putting things away. 

Your two canines finally FINALLY broke through {thank God} but you are still super grumpy sometimes which is a bit full on. You are back to sleeping through the night which is very much welcomed and you also wake up much happier when you do sleep through. You dislike nap times a fair bit but you listen to me when I say it is nap time and that we are going upstairs to pick a book to read, you pick your favourite book and we read it together which has been a dog themed Christmas book we recently got you. Your vocab is just expanding daily and your picking up new words left, right and centre which is superb but you have started saying these random gibberish sentences of only you know what to us and we just have to stare at you dumbfounded, one day you we will understand what you are actually saying I swear kiddo. You love terrorising poor Dakota who is just loosing patience with you herself, you somehow think it is so funny if you squish her with your beanbag chair, hit her with several books and toys, you love stealing her toys from her bed and running around the lounge room screaming as she chases you for it. But you are super sweet with her when need be, you have started to give her cuddles and ask her for kisses even though she does not simply adore those cuddles yet. You are mega sweet and kind majority of the time and you love sharing your food with us or anything really. 

Topic of food, I am so weary about giving you utensils because even though you are learning and are getting good at using a spoon or whatever, the mess that ends up happening is just a tad bit crazy. We have to take the skin of any fruit you eat because you dislike it and will likely spit it out somewhere, you also have this newfound fascination with dribble water out of your mouth, I have no idea what that actually is but I sure hope it does not continue to happen. You are still a picky eater especially if we are out somewhere, which rarely happens but you do love your carrots and apples, I gave you some grapes the other day but even cut in half and I have anxiety attacks watching you eat them. We had to stop you having a water bottle in bed because you somehow managed to open it and everything kept getting soaked, you ask for it still but I am sticking to my guns, next will be your nightly bottle soon I think. 

I pretty much have all your Christmas presents sorted all expect some sort of keepsake book we can right something in like we did last year but I am happy with what we got you and think you will grow & learn wonders with it all. Also just hoping that Christmas Day and Eve will just be hopefully not as stressful as I think it will all be, I mean we have to travel up to Tamworth with you and a manic dog in the car so not sure how that will go. I really don't know how to keep you happy and satisfied in the car, I mean going down to Sydney is fine and all sometimes but an entire six hour drive and the thought of me having to use the toilet like every five seconds and potentially waking you up from much needed naps just scares me. I just really really hope it all works out in the end and the entire day is not one big giant stress ball of death to me. 

Anyway enough rambling on from me but here is those amazing, beautiful photographs and how is is quite possible that every time we take new captures of you they end up being my absolute faves! 

love you Rey.