Little Viking | 17 Month Update

Writing this blog post you are now eighteen months and due for some lovely needles sometime soon this month! but back to your seventeen month milestones. 

You have been off day milk bottles before your naps since around the 12th of Oct, you still have a bottle at nighttime which I think we will be attempting to cut out sometime before the end of the year. You are also obsessed with your sippy cup now at nighttime or during any nap, its very hard to get you to let go of it and sometimes you even fall asleep with it. You were settling yourself so well during the night but for some reason your not a champ at it this month, you may actually have some teeth coming through but I am so unsure which teeth it actually is. 

You can say a few more words this month like "bubbles, bird, baby, dog, cow, apple, dad, daddy, no, car, shoes, bye and hi. You are also perfecting your blowing kisses with your hand when we say bye which is flippen adorable. Sounds you can make are "mooing" like a cow, still barking like a wild dog and you sing random tunes along to plain old music. Sometimes it sounds like you say "stop", "take this" and other words, your attitude is hella fun too.

The other day you gave us a heart attack and randomly climbed on the coffee table because for reason I don't know, you where so proud of yourself but hell you have not done it again any time soon so hopefully you forgot all about how fun it is up there. You can reach higher up now, you can reach the car door handle from the outside, you realise you can climb on things now or ask for them.

You are getting so much better at drawing, your angles are sharper and your pressing harder strokes on the paper, the way you hold the pencil is so legit that I am actually freaked out at how good you can hold it. You are a total lefty by the way. You love feeding Dakota her dog food, or mixing it in with her water, or perhaps sometimes being way interested and putting some in your mouth. You listen to me when I tell you to just give her one piece which means you know what one means? I swear you said two just the other day but we shall see if it pops up again.

You have this random new insane fear of passing trains or loud rumbles like the garbage truck and you do this funny run towards me out of sheer panic, I try so hard not to laugh at you in the moment and really hope you get passed it because you sometimes wake up because of the noises. We cannot venture downstairs without at least bringing one dog from your crib and you have liked walking down the steps with a hand to hold which is so much easier but you still crawl up them.

Pretty sure you have dropped your afternoon nap or are in the process of doing so, because if I put you down any earlier than 11:30 or something you take about 80 years to actually fall asleep. And you just do not sleep in the afternoon at all, your pretty wiped by bedtime which is a good thing but sometimes overtired so I have no idea what is going on with you. Parenting hey?! such a darn guessing game. 

You are eating a tonne more food since dropping bottles but you are still as picky as ever with your food! You legit say "no" to anything that resembles a vegetable and it is soo frustrating for me. Just eat your goddamn vegetables kid! 

Speaking of frustrating, your tantrums are getting up there, you are so sensitive and emotional about almost everything, but it is so much worse in public, like no mom wants to be judged by how crazy her small spawn is in the shopping mall or such, I don't think it phases Ben as much as it does me. We have to fill you up with chips to get you to be reasonable in public spaces now, but your still hella unruly. The other day you chucked a tantrum at me because I put on the wrong tv show for you? what even is that?! You also chuck tantrums when you don't want to get back in the car which is like your demon possessed but since getting your new big girl carseat you love it but now I cannot escape you because you a direct eye line to me. Yayy... 

You are at that fun age where you will sit still for a bit with a decent snack and water quietly, which is heaven to this mama bear and I actually can get things done around the house now. You have mastered getting on and off your trike or your cow toy and boy are you proud of punch when you do something by yourself. You are crazy tall and almost as tall as Ben when he is sitting down which is insane, your legs are like a million miles longer than mine and your hair is just crazy as ever. 

Your also testing my patience and becoming a challenging toddler/child, some days are frustrating as heck to deal with and others are a blessing. You are super independent so you like to do a few things on your own and also you learnt the word "no" so that is fun.  

You are sure making this journey one hell of an adventure Rey. We totally did a mini shoot for this blog post and your are waaaaay independant and did not want to stay still for one second but we got a few killer shots of you and heck kid you are so grown up now!