Little Viking | 14 Month Update

Little Viking you are almost 15 month old and it is so crazy how every single day you just keep amazing us with your personality and how fast you are growing up.

You have taken a keen interest in solving puzzles or playing with your abacus zebra toy, I notice that your concentrating more and your motor skills are evolving. You like puzzles alot and putting shapes into the shape box, even though you still have not quite figured out which shapes goes in the correct hole, every shape at the moment fits into the circle hole so that is enough to exceed your happiness. Your cheekiness has grown into something a bit crazy, you go to hand us something and then quickly pull it back and also run away. The other day you watched me put on my shoes, then brought me yours, sat down and let me put them on your feet. You love picture books with flaps in them, you pay no close mind to the story but you have a keen eye for where the flaps are and you immediately find them before I have had a chance to read the page. You are becoming picky about which books we read to you, you dislike long stories and have no patience for them. I don't think I am every going to stop writing about your teething woes, this month you have molars coming through and a bunch of other teeth all at once. It is pure hell, you are pure hell kid. Your clingy, crying everywhere, picky about what you eat, fussy about everything, your poor gums are swollen and hot and I can see the teeth just breaking through. Your sleeping pattern has been interrupted because of it and you like waking up in the middle of the night or super duper early which is not fun at all. 

I for the life of me cannot get you to eat vegetables, I bought two cookbooks to add to my never-ending dust collecting cookbook shelf and I have yet to persuade you. You would rather eat plain penne than wholemeal spiral pasta, I even tried putting the whoelmeal inside the penne and you outsmarted me by just spitting out the wholemeal. You make disgusted faces at everything we put in front of you expect, vegemite, avocado, philly, apple, mandarin and pasta. I really hope you get over this stage soon because I just want you to eat properly and more darn vegetables. You love playing with your doll, you give them cuddles and kisses (you have started giving us kisses when you ask for them which fills my heart with so much love!!!!), you bring me your doll to show you how to give it the bottle and to rock it to sleep but you end up just putting milk all over its face and making a mess on the table. You still love bath time and have started licking the wall like a silly bugger because dad laughed at you once, you splash tonnes of water everywhere and your bath tub is now in the shower because of the amount of water going into the carpet and all over us. You dislike the pram, you dislike walking too much, you dislike the carseat and quite frankly venturing outside the house with you is a gamble these days. You demand to go your own way, brushing aside our outstretched hands as you walk the opposite direction of us. You adore the slide at the park and now squeal in delight as you go down. You will sometimes sit and watch the tv which is so nice, you have started dancing to some songs as well and get super excited when I mention a tv show you like. I think we need to get you a chair or something because you like to be up close to the tv, your such a dork. 

You keep changing every day, your speaking more babble and you randomly sing, sometimes you randomly yell at things as well, probably copying me at yelling at Dakota for barking or something. You have said a few bad words which is amusing at the moment and for the first time ever you actually pooped in the bathtub which your dad was not happy about cleaning up. You love hanging out with me under a blanket and watching the light creep through, you think it is the greatest thing ever. I am excited for more crazy, wild adventures with you kid.