Little Viking | 13 Month Update

Here I go, writing your thirteen month update while you babbling on in your crib when you are meant to be sleeping, I will probably have to get up in a second to give you a cuddle and hopefully you will fall asleep so I can finish this update. On the subject of sleep, you had a phase where we went back to square one and the nighttime was horrible (teething does not help) but it seems you are going back to sleeping all night again which is soooo good!

You love singing more and you will to any good old jingle, your talking so much as well although we are yet to understand your babble of a sentence. You love walking more than crawling now, sometimes you almost run which freaks me out, sometimes you will stop walking abruptly and put your arms back and yell at the floor or Dakota, then you will go in circles and laugh about it afterwards. I honestly do not get you sometimes kid! Your a thrill seeker that is for sure and you love the slide at the park or being held while I spin in a circle, your still trying to master climbing up on the sofa (thank goodness you have not figured it out yet, but you will soon). Amidst being brave and wild, your also a tad bit shy especially to strangers, you like to cuddle up in our arms for safety but occasionally you will smile when you hide away. You like pushing my legs from behind, you think it is funny for some reason that you are making me walk faster. You have not learnt to climb out of your crib yet and I hope you do not like ever, you sleep in a sleep sack because I read that that will prevent you from doing so, this mama is paranoid you will fall out and break something. You dislike the dark at night but will bravely conquer the corridor at my parents house. 

Your one hella picky eater that is for sure, still throwing everything to Dakota but you have taken an interest in using a spoon and you love eating yogurt with me which is cute as hell. Your back to loving avocado alot, like you pretty much suck it all off the toast (little weird) and you like pasta alot as well. We are kinda tricked you and are mixing dairy milk in with your formula, so far you have not figured this out yet. You like having conversations with your toys and you exclaim when you figure out something new, you bring us certain toys or things you need help with now which is sooo adorable. You point at almost everything and almost everything is a dog to you, your cheeky as and like making funny faces at us. You attempt to do yoga with me in the mornings which is funny and you like doing somersaults with assistance from me. When we go for a walk you dislike being in the pram for long but then you dislike walking around for long either, going out with you now is more stressful than you were a baby, the other day you went way past your naptime and you kinda freaked out, it was not fun at all. 

You still love books and will have a jolly good time walking around any bookstore, last booked you picked out randomly was Percy Jackson though. You love it when we read rhyming books to you and it is quite fun to do so, I have so many more books I want to get for our storytime before bed. You like packing things away but you rarely put them back although you do like putting washing in the basket for me. You still make dog noises if you hear a dog or a bird and you are almost saying "koda". Your cuddles are more frequent and you now wave bye bye, but your kisses are not for us, just for your toys. (you sometimes let us kiss your forehead). Bathtime is still your favourite and you pretty much sit in your little tub like your a royal or something, you loooove splashing the water everywhere and standing up now. I thought teething was done for but think you have some coming in at the bottom because your drooling up a storm these days! You dislike being changed like alot, alot! you chuck a fit and roll around and it is quite horrible, hope this passes soon! You outgrown all your shoes and the other day you got some nice new boots, which did not stay fresh for long. You also enjoyed playing in the dirt and a few rocks the other day, honestly you could of stayed there all day if I let you. You now chuck tantrums when you do not get your way and will cry into a cushion (kinda remind me of that lilo and stitch scene). You certainly know when the camera is on you and you smile now which is hilarious! You like sitting inbetween my legs and will move them apart so you can sit. You like playing hide and go seek from behind our backs and your just really silly half the time.

You fell asleep while I was typing this so thank you for doing so! hopefully you have a full nap and wake up happy! here's to the coming adventures with you kiddo.