Little Viking | 11 & 12 Month Update

Where do I even begin? The moment you turned one you suddenly transformed into a genuine kid, you are no longer a wee baby anymore and I don't know if I am sad about that or excited that you are taking this next journey of toddler-hood. You wake up in the morning and your have messy bed hair and girl your hair be cray, your attempting to climb things which gives me mini cardiac arrests, you seem to have songs in your head because you sing randomly throughout the day and your just becoming your own little person.

You have reached so many milestones in the past year but one that you are excited about is for sure walking, you stand up and you have the biggest, proudest smile on your face ever, it makes my heart so glad. You are saying so many more words, majority of them we do not know what they are but this morning you said a bad word instead of dog for a split second (we will let is slide this time). You like pointing at almost everything, you yell for some reason when we open and close the lounge room curtain, you dance at almost anything that resembles a beat and your opening books like a champ.

You finally sleep through the night and I cannot believe that two months ago we were getting up five times in the night to attend to your needs and wake up time was 4am but we got rid of your dummy and you are now this sleeping beauty queen and we are just forever grateful. You give the sweetest cuddles, especially when you are scared or hurt, you nuzzle into our necks and sometimes even give kisses back. Sadly you are teething again and sometimes I am stupid and let you chew on my hand, sometimes you make me say a bad word because HELL KID your teeth are bloody dangerous!! 

You get excited about a few things, mostly food, you dislike cows milk or just any milk really, you figured out how to clap and I taught you how to stick your tongue out (good one mum) and you still go crazy over every dog you see, even if it is a picture. You love playing hide and seek in your tent although you can't seem to realise it does not have sturdy walls, you blow bubbles in your bath and chuck a fit when it is over and you still are majorly afraid of the vacuum cleaner for some reason.

One thing is your sibling ready, this is my term for this kid needs a baby sister, brother or another doggie, but seriously I thought you would just plow over your adorable new cousin Natey but you liked playing with his toes and smiling at him which sparked my ovaries into clucky mode! You take an interest into any child in your range and stare at them like you want to be there best buddy. Poor kid, your only sibling is a pooch so I get that! Ha but hell I would love for you to have a sister to play with because you seems so kind and sharing (now). But I am still unsure about being pregnant again, to be honest and a little vain I love where my body is at right now and the thought of being gigantic again is just not on the cards but in saying that my mothering heart would love another wee babe so who knows what will happen! For now I will just enjoy the limited cuddles that you give me! 

I am just going to cap this off but kid I love you and your adorableness, you will forever be my Little Viking no matter how big you get.