Little Cashew's Nursery Nook

So here is our sweet moon child's little nursery nook blog post! It is finally finished and all ready for her arrival very soon! We cannot wait to have her in her wee space and to have her home when the times comes. I am so ready for that newborn blur of a year because it is literally going to be 2019 in no time! I hope you enjoy reading this and find some inspiration for your little ones space, especially if you are renting because it is so hard to make the space feel like home and be all cosy for little ones. 

Whilst planning what I was going to do with the space, I had it in my mind that our bedroom would look perfect, we would get a new bed frame, new mattress and lovely sheets to compliment all of bebe's decor, but as time went on none of those things happened which I think I am fine with (maybe) we did manage to change the picture frames on our side of the room to some I found off Etsy (some lovely motivational quotes & a gorgeous white rose print) which I guess is a starting point to the whole bedroom change for us. I know those changes will eventually come on later when we can actually afford everything that a bedroom re-design needs. 

I know her time in her little nursery nook and in our bedroom is limited, eventually she will have to go into Phoebe's crib (which Phoebe will hopefully adapt to a big girl bed beforehand) and the two girls will share the one space, which I do have all sorts of anxiety for, how do you get two children different ages to sleep through the night? but I already have a vision in mind for Phoebe's big girl space and I am hoping that bebe's things will fall right into place with it with minimal changes to the overall design. I am feeling alot of golden tones for Phoebe's big girl space paired with florals and just a simple minimal look because her bedroom is fairly small and we are renting, so our options are limited. In a perfect world I would wallpaper her bedroom and make it as whimsical as I could. 

I knew from the start I wanted some prints on the wall, a garland hanging nearby and to make the space that we have in the cupboard nook her little change section. Originally I wanted the theme to be evolved around stars and night time, then it changed to crystals (which became a rather odd obsession, husband did not get it at all) than my mind did a flip and it sort of fell into some sort of whimsy, Neverland, woodland, floral sort of theme, which works for me and it looks lovely. I think a fair bit of the inspiration for colours actually came from the Jamie Kay onesies that I bought for her, I fell in love with the really soft pastels against the bronze darker tones and then also a few of the swaddles we got her also gave me some inspiration. Her tones or style it certainly different to Phoebe's and I think she will be the girly of the two.

We still need to add some fairy lights above the bassinet and also in the nursery nook so we have soft lighting when we need to change and feed her. I am so thankful that we could get the Nyla changing basket for the nook as it was one of the first things on the top of my list, I love it so much more than the simple Big W white mattress thing we had for Phoebe, which by the way was ideal at the time but this just adds so much more warmth to the space. I went back and forth on what prints I wanted to get for the nook and for the space above her bassinet, I literally had so many different prints saved on Pinterest, from wildflower prints, quotes, animals and some lovely expensive ones that I probably can only dream about. But in the end like I said my mind did a flip and I opted for something softer, easier to pair with and just down right adorable for her to look at while she gets changed/dressed. I went with two prints from Jo Collier Designs, her gorgeous Oscar The Owl & Bruno The Bear, which by the way are so much cuter in real life than on Instagram, seeing these two prints next to each other with their whimsical, soft detail is just precious and I am so in love with them.

A few other things that we bought that I had my heart set on even from when I was pregnant with Phoebe, is the stunning Garbo and Friends, Fauna blanket which I got off Ebay because the store that I was stalking who stocked it in Australia actually stopped (utter heartbreak) but I am again so incredibly thankful that I got my hands on it because it is so beautifully crafted and compliments alot of her things, I love the woodland feel to it and the little critters scattered within the forest detail. I also knew I wanted to get floral bassinet sheets for the bassinet and of course I had to go with The Young Co because Phoebe's crib sheets just make me weep every-time I put them on, so I went with the Wren bassinet sheet which is completely different to Phoebe's burgundy/gold tones but I am really feeling the cooler, softer tones for this bebe, the sheet looks so lovely in the light coming in the window and I cannot wait for her to sleep in there all cosy like. I also had to get a Numero 74 flag garland because the little bells on the end are so darn ugh! I ordered the Powder, thinking it was more of a whiter colour than powder pink (damn) but it still looks great in the space, especially as it hangs over the Christine Hoel "Crown" print that I got from Phoenix Tribe Art, Etsy's Dear Lily Mae "Hello Little Darling" print and my custom Neverland artwork from Rivulet Paper. I knew I had to order bebe her very own keepsake blanket from Little Unicorn because Phoebe has her Poppy one that my mum got for her as her keepsake blanket and I absolutely fell in love with the Yellow Rose blanket, it took no time to arrive from the states and I was so tempted to buy some more swaddles, because hell you can never have too many swaddles. (I seriously am addicted to swaddles guys) 

There are of course some other things I would like to get her, but with three weeks to go until she maybe, perhaps decides to arrive our time is so limited. I suppose all of those things can wait until she is sharing with Phoebe. I have so many adorable matching outfits pinned for them in the next few months, I am waiting till we are settled well into the fourth trimester before getting any of it because it is going to be such a huge adjustment and I want the girls to form a bond first before I dress them up all matching.

I honestly feel like I am rambling on about who knows what right now, but I shall list all the other things I got for her and where they are from because each and every business is just so amazing and there is so much crazy good talent on Instagram that it blows my mind every time I find something on there. But thank you for reading along and I hope the captures do the products justice, I honestly get so flustered trying to get the perfect flat-lay or whatever, serious the pressures of Instagram are real ya'll. We are so excited for when we get to meet this little one and I am seriously counting down the minutes, hours, days and weeks till we do! 

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