Little Cashew | 1 Week Update

from the first night in the hospital i knew you would always want to be held when your asleep instead of in your own bed. you sleep so soundly in our arms or on our chests but the second we put you down your awake and seeking us again. when we brought you home those first few nights were rough but we have since managed our sleep a little bit better and are slowly making it all work

I really did not think that breastfeeding would work for us but the journey has begun, it has not been an easy one but it is starting to pay off. those first few weeks trying to establish breastfeeding was hellish, constant feeds, insanely painful nipples and a mastitis scare but my nipples are used to your strong suck now and we are going strong. we do give you a bottle after some feeds just because your a guts and you just want all the food sometimes. I notice when you are overtired or gassy you are very moody on the breast, tugging and moving around like crazy, you also like to use me to poop and to fall asleep.

you are not a fan of bathtime like your sister was, you only tolerate it if we sway you in the water but washing you and if your not moving you really are not a fan of it. You might like nakey hour like Phoebe did but we have not done it to much with you yet.

phoebe has been a brilliant big sister so far with you, she is gentle, loves giving you kisses and cuddles, is game on holding you but not for long periods, she tries to give you your dummy, put a blanket over you and pats your little body. She says "shh"when your sleeping and "baby sister", "hi zoey", "zoey" and "sister" She has had some behavioural issues since your arrive but that is understandable since you are changing our world in waves kiddo.

strangely enough life has been pretty much the same since you arrived, it is like you have always meant to fit into this part of our lives right now, we do not go out as much but we did not do that before anyway. it is tough deciding what's for dinner most afternoons and I cannot remember the last time I even made dinner, pretty much been living off takeaway or whatever ben conjures up in the kitchen. Healing from the c-section has been easy enough even with a toddler, in week 4 now of healing and feeling pretty normal, can do most things already although I know I push my body because I get a bit crampy so I rest when I can mostly. Started lying down at night to sleep finally but still feels mega odd without a big ole bump there.

your a grunter, you make so many darn noises like I don't think newborns make as much noise as you, your noises are annoying at nighttime when we want to sleep I will be honest there. you have two cute little dimples which is crazy and I really hope they stick around because kid if you have dimples you can just take all my money like now. your either super gassy or super smiley, you are all smiles since day one and I can't wait for the day when you look up at me and smile for the first time. you have your Da's blue eyes and I hope they stick around too, they are deep and dark blue and super big. you were born with jet black hair but it is slowly changing colour into red! So you may have red hair and blue eyes. your feet and hands are already bigger, you have super long toes and fingers (you got your Da's big toe sorry), your wee thighs and cheeks are getting chubbier each day and I really hope you get super chubby and chunky because hell that would be cute, you poo alot, like alot, like all the time. maybe its a breastfed thing, you taking a dummy and bottle but would prefer breast - you are slowly accepting the dummy even though you don't love it so far, you accept bottles and so far we have not had any nipple confusion so that is good. not a fan of being swaddled - you don't like being swaddled, from day one you just wanted your arms out and to be able to suck on your hand. Heck I think we have given up swaddling you so maybe just maybe you do like it and we probably should keep trying to you but you just want to be hands free.