Little Cashew | 1 Month

zoey patoey - that is just one of your several nicknames including so many food references like chickpea and melon pie (which are totally random)

you are just such a wee blessing my sweet girl, I am absolutely in love with the fact that you love life, you smile daily now at us and at Phoebe. you have this cheeky little side smirk before you smile and your eyes scrunch up at the bottom. you have also started to become more vocal and make random chirpy, happy noises every now and again. 

we are officially just breastfeeding finally, after a few weeks of trial and error, topping you up with bottles of formula, we bit the bullet on that stump and you are now only breastfeeding and boy does that feel like an achievement for us both. although the nighttime and having you constantly attached to me is quite overwhelming sometimes. speaking of nighttime, you are getting sort of used to sleeping in your bassinet and sleep in there for a few hours, if we gently put you down without waking you. when Phoebe is around during the day and is not being quiet you get little to no sleep at all, you poor little chicken and you can become quite the grump when your overtired. 

you started doing tummy time every now and again on the floor with the playbar and you seem to like staring at all the little trinkets above you, your very very alert and also like looking out the window at the roses in the garden (your certainly the more girly one). the other day I took out some of Phoebe's baby clothes and realised that it is totally not your style, like at all, you are certainly the more girly one of both of you and I will have to get you some clothes in your style. 

your growing quite quickly my sweet, your hair is thinning out which is a shame because it is fricken long and adorable, your eyes are still blue as the sky and your eyelashes are getting longer. you have your Da's big toe and second toe unfortunately, and I want to say my longish fingers.

your very content most of the time and love sleeping in our arms majority of the day, sometimes we cannot even put you down which is frustrating when we want to get things done. you are used to the dummy now but make a stink face most of the time we try to give it to you, probably because you are expecting boob and get some gross rubber dummy but you settle with it which is a nice break. 

your fitting into 0-3 size clothes now and I had to purge all your newborn things out of your drawer which makes so much more room for new clothes (yayy). when we go for walk we have put you in the wrap which you like alot but my gosh your getting heavier daily and your very weighty in the wrap so I usually end up with a horrid back afterwards. you absolutely love going into Woolies and staring at all the ceiling lights, you usually fall asleep also in that time. you also have witching hour at around 7ish, you go red faced, make a fuss and are just crazy until you settle back down and sleep before we go to bed. 

you had your six week vaccinations this month which was very hard for us to watch and endure again, you cried a cry I have not heard yet and it broke my heart in two. you were super upset in the car ride up home and would not settle without cuddles, you eventually fell asleep out of exhaustion you poor thing. we gave you a lovely warm deep bath when we got home which helped you fall into a nice little slumber.  you stats at the check up where - head cirucmference 37.4, weight 4.810kg and length 55cm

I cannot believe you are already one month old and soon you will be 2 months old and then what, crawling? cooing? you will be fricken one year old in no time my wee babe and I hope I can take in this time to just enjoy you as a wee babe before that happens.