Little Viking | Turns One

h a p p y  b i r t h d a y

phoebe rey

We did it! We survived the first year of parenthood, of motherhood and raising the cheekiest little girl ever [HOORAY]. Cannot believe that it is her first birthday already, it is so crazy to think that on the 30th of April, the day before an emergency c-section, we were just cruising around town trying every single way to make Phoebe come naturally, bouncing on the ball, doing lunges and walking up tonnes of stairs. Alas our efforts did not make her budge at all and despite a unpleasant birth experience we got to meet our Little Viking on the 1st of May 2016. 

Phoebe, the adventures that you have brought us this first year are more insane than we could of ever imagined. You have astounded us with your ability to adapt, your eagerness to learn and your cleverness. Each day you have moved and stretched us emotionally, physically we have gained parent arm muscles because of your constant cuddles for us, each day you achieve new heights and surprise us with the littlest of things. You have taught us our breaking points and that being a parent is one of the toughest things there is to this life, but through it all you have taught us how to love boundlessly, our hearts have expanding tenfold because of you. You are insanely beautiful, like it blows our minds how we could of been blessed with such a gem like you, you have my lovely skin colour and [thank goodness] your dad's smart brain. We love you beyond measure and are so excited to the new adventures we shall go on and the new milestones you will reach. 

On the 30th we celebrated your first birthday with a handful of close friends and family. Your party started to be a insanely bright unicorn party but somewhere along the way Pinterest blessed your mum with a much better idea, an intimate boho backyard lunch. I was so worried the entire day that you would be grumpy, that you would not nap or just wake up a mess, but the Lord provided and you had a great nap and woke up just before guests arrived WIN!! You were a bit shy and unsure of everyone around you but once you realised you were the center of attention you quickly became the life of the party. You delighted in scrumptious food, you made a tornado of a mess, you soaked up the sun rays, made all of us laugh and enjoyed your big day. You got some great gifts, a few hand-picked books, one awesome star wars backpack which we might steal off you, some much needed winter gear, an adorable teepee and other gifts that we are so thankful for, I am sure you will find the joy in all of them, even if you enjoyed the wrapping paper instead of it all. You stayed up way past your naptime, like horribly past your naptime but you did not chuck a tantrum once, you were just all smiles and laughter the entire day. 

we love you so much and you are so loved by many little viking

The entire day could of not of been a success without the efforts of a few creative friends, Nicole from Penny Lane, we could not of enjoyed a beautiful boho setting without your expertise in styling, everything came together so brilliantly and we are so thankful for your help. Erin from Unplanned Bakery, we have no words for the love we experience when we get to chow down on your delicious food, those sausage rolls are to die for and everything was just excellent. Rose, you provided us with some amazingly crafted florals, which fitted in perfectly with the setting and they were the icing on the cake and lastly Cheryl from BehindGreenDoors off Etsy, you put your creative mind to use for me and came up with a great design for Phoebe's invitation and poster which will be kept as treasures forever. All of you made the day special in your own ways and we are so thankful for your help!