Christmas Twenty-Seventeen

Christmas although it is a joyous season it is one of the most chaotic, exhausting and overwhelming for most. Next year we plan to make a sea change and perhaps go enjoy Christmas in Byron or some place that is just relaxing, the thought of just making our own family traditions, memories, firing up a bbq and just having a nice time by the waters edge sounds so darn welcoming. {but we shall see how this pans out with two wee babes}

Speaking of traditions, as new parents to a crazy, wild toddler we are embarking on the journey of whether or not to do Santa in our growing family. This is certainly an ongoing brain thought for us and will probably change as the girls get older. We will probably still do the whole Christmas tree but may just get a tree on Christmas Eve and decorate it together as a family on the night, I know some people gift their little ones ornaments each year so when they leave the nest they have a full set of decorations to keep but I don't think we will do that, maybe do an advent calender with little wooden handmade toys or eco friendly goodies. We may do Christmas lights depending but totally do not get the whole overboard light decorations that some people do, the entire front yard, windows just decorated to the nines in lights that probably pack a punch into anyone's power bill. Isn't it a bit too much?. We will of course still watch a Christmas movie or two "Christmas With The Krank's", "The Grinch" and the classic "Home Alone" will be up there for sure. But we just want to keep Christmas as simple as ever so its not just a shite show of stress for us all. Like I said we are new to the whole parenting world and taking it all one step at a time. 

There is so much pressure put on those in the family who cannot afford gifts for everyone when they get gifted something and then you are forced to conjure up some shite thing just to not look "cheap" in everyone elses eyes or worse you physically cannot get presents for some and your left feeling mighty guilty when you get handed a present. We would much rather think of well thought of gifts months before the season that actually mean something to a person and shows them how much we appreciate, value and love them (which is something we didn't do this year for extended family, Christmas kinda snuck up on us!). It is very easy for a person to feel less valued at Christmas time and that is where the reason for us not making Santa a big deal at Christmas for our children is. I mean what happens when your kid gets crayons from Santa and then someone in their class gets a Iphone or a new game console and your kid is left questioning why Santa did not do the same for them? How do you explain that one? We want our kids to know they are valued but also to know the value of money, Phoebe got a money-box for Christmas from her Narnie and I am so thankful that she did because now we can start to teach her to save her sweet pennies. I don't want them to expect an extravagant gift or gifts every single year because sometimes, majority of the times you do not get exactly what you wanted and the older you get the more crappier that feels. We want them to know that the well thought out gift in front of them is from us, their parents who love them and not some random man in a red suit. Perhaps Santa can do simple things such as filling up their stockings with candy or some small trinkets but even then I feel weird doing that. I still do to this day and remember how crud I felt noticing how many gifts other people got around me or what they actually got, Christmas to me is all about the gifts, I crave good gifts and feel shite when I have had a non successful Christmas (effin sad right?) but that is just how I have come to perceive Christmas, I certainly do not want that for our kids. We want Christmas in our family to be more personal, more memory making and about spending quality time with each other. I want them to look forward to the moments of just being with family and not make it about the gifts every time.

The whole Santa thing I just cannot wrap my head around it for some reason, sure as a kid we both believed in the big man in the red suit but for me personally once that "magic" became unreal the "magic" died for me. The whole idea of a strange man entering your house in the dead of night and leaving gifts for your kids is just a tad bit creepy (husband thinks its so weird)  and don't even get me started with the whole "lets go sit on this strange mans knee for crying photographs". I just honestly do not get it all, like at all. Is it a generational thing? Is it? because both of us are just so adamant on breaking traditions and forging new ones in general so maybe that lights the spark for this decision. Maybe it is because for me personally with my faith I want us to focus on the Christian meaning behind Christmas and make that a priority for our family. I would love to go to church on Christmas Eve and perhaps even Christmas Day and celebrate all that is Jesus in this season. To do the whole nativity toys and read books to them focusing on the birth of Jesus, but at the same time I do not want to force that onto our girls, I want them to eventually make the decision to accept Jesus into their lives on their own, I mean it is their personal journey to Christ to adventure on and I want to just set the stepping stones and signs for them to grow into that path. 

I knew going into writing this blog post that the whole thing would not make sense to me or anyone else probably. I mean hello, I have less than three months left of this pregnancy so my brain is just all over the place with thoughts but I am glad I have a place where I can express what is in my head and at least try to make sense of all my thoughts. This blog has been a safe haven for all the craziness that motherhood brings and to be able to have a platform like this to express myself, give encouragement and to grow from is a blessing. I really hope that this continues to grow into something marvelous in the new year and I do hope it does not just drown in neglect as we try to navigate life with two under two. 

Our family was all over the world for Christmas this year which was a tad bit sad, my sister in over in America, parents where visiting family in the UK and we headed to Tamworth to see family so it was not as tight knit as we would of liked. Our plans to spend Christmas morning at our place failed big time and I feel like we spent majority of the days driving in the car. But I think Phoebe had a wonderful Christmas this year, which is a good outcome I think, she understood that she had to rip the paper to open her gifts which was adorable to watch, she had her favourite gifts for certain which was a fair few musically encouraging ones {she is certainly gifted by God with music}, she got some new clothes which lightens up my mindset of getting her some new summer clothes and she got a tonne of books which is always a blessing in my world. I loved shopping small this year and supporting all those beautiful Instagram stores , will certainly be trying to shop small for everything from now on. But I think next year she will probably only get one or two big ones from us {pretty sure husband was saying that all along to me but I never listen do I} well I mean that depends if we end up going away or not but maybe a DIY project for us to ruin {maybe a cubby house or a play kitchen}, something that her and her wee sister can enjoy together perhaps or maybe I will actually finish up her big girl room. But yeah we need to do another purge or all her toys down in the lounge room because she just throws them about and its like hell on earth when the lounge room is just a mess for me. But yeah that is a wrap from me and here is a few wee captures of Rey. 

hope you all have a blessed, merry Christmas and well wishes for 2018


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