Little Viking | Life With The Terrible Two's

Phoebe is now two years old and "something something" months { I mean who honestly keeps track in months after they turn two} She has dive-bombed head first into the world of terrible twos and is kind of mental most days. She is such a wild child and is always keeping us on our toes, half the time Zoey looks at me as if to say "lordy what the heck was that" and I am like "gurl that is your sister". Phoebe is so loving towards Zoey, honestly it's like they have been together a lifetime, she always gives her kisses and says "heeyy Zoey", she helps us give her baths and recently encourages her to try to crawl. She gets down on all fours and says "let's go!!" and then crawls around the living room like a crazy jackal or something! 

Phoebe is very much a one girl show, she loves to try things on her own and do things without help but she can also get very frustrated at the same time. She is stubborn, so so stubborn and does not listen to us half the time, well most of the time. She is like a teenager already and I am so scared to reach those future years. I do love it when she figures something out herself and says "big girl, job!", honestly her vocabulary is so impressive! She knows so many new words and picks new big ones up so quickly, it's so amazing.

We got a bunch of skateboards off Gumtree and she has a scooter, so we figured time for a helmet so she can safely ride them all. But alas, the moment you try to get her to wear the helmet while on these fun toys, the battle begins. It is so hard to explain something to her that she just does not understand and when she is in that frustrated she does not listen at all and just gets more upset because your not allowing her to actually do it the way that she wants. Having a two year old is just insanely tough, you get stressed and then they get stressed and the whole day is just one giant stress-ball of a mess. Then you tuck them into bed and they say "love you mommy" and everything that happened during the day dissolves into nothing. Parenthood am I right?

She is such a big softie, if she sees something cute or little she says "naww cute", her facial expressions are literally amazing and one day she will get us onto the red carpet! haha! She is a fricken comedian and recently loves to play guitar while she sings something utterly random. The other day I added water to her sand table outside {why did I never think of this} but she was so amazed by it, she noticed the water levels going down so the sand became visible, she spun the plastic toys on top of the water and was pouring things in and out everywhere, she loved it {it was messy af}. She also has this weird knack were she gets alot of something and she puts it into a line, a neat line or something odd, she also likes getting things in the correct spot each time. If you touch something of hers she will get upset at you. Is it wrong if I laugh at her antics sometimes?

She can be so dramatic somethings, like it is insane how quickly a two year olds moods can change! why did no-one warn me of this stage at all?! She is 84cm in height which is nuts because Zoey is 62cm! Is Zoey going to be taller than her?! She certainly had a growth spurt because she finally outgrew fitting into 18-24 months clothes, sometimes 12-18! I got her some new threads, you can see them below but I was on the hunt for the perfect pair of skinnies for her and I bought some jeans from CR but they are baggy as heck, I despise them on her so was a little apprehensive on getting more pants, thinking they would be way to big for her lean legs, but this pair from Kapow Kids, fits her magically! my faith has been restored and I am so glad they look so fricken cool on her! hell all of the Kapow Kids threads looks amazing on her. Her style is so much more different than Zoey's which is fun and I wonder if it will stay the way it is. 

Rey Bae's Floral Fiesta

Over the weekend we celebrated Rey turning two with a floral fiesta themed party, it was a lovely little wintery day with a handful of the best people coming together. The theme for her party changed multiple times (it always happens with my brain) and I finally settled on a fiesta theme after of course delighting in Disney's recent film, COCO which if you have not seen yet you probably should because it is one beautiful film (ask my husband, he totally cried at the end). 

I was planning on going with alot of traditional fiesta party decor but somehow it just ended up a floral wonderland. Our lovely neighbour had boxes of flowers in her garage and she kindly let us have them for Rey's party, so my amazing friend Lauren and I made the flower garlands and other hanging floral decorations (it literally took us a whole darn day and alot of staples). But it saved us so much money so we are so grateful for them. 

Now lets get to that cake, because it was just damn delicious! another beautiful creation by the amazingly talented Erin from Unplanned Bakery. She created this gorgeous simple but elegant, floral beauty and it's safe to say everything simply loved it. It matched perfectly with our garland creations and it was just spectacular. You should certainly go check out her Instagram and give her some love, we cannot thank her enough! 

The gorgeous designed cookies are from the lovely Lisa from Mrs Woods and Co, she worked with me to create these perfect personalised cookies for Rey's party, she was so wonderful and attentive to detail, they turned out so great and were sooo buttery that we snuck a sneaky one in the car when we picked them up off her. Thank you so much Lisa! 

I had a flower headband custom made for Phoebe's wee head and the colours just paired up so beautifully with all the other floral delights. Megan from Little Wildfeather, was so helpful in deciding on colours and flower designs. We know have a lovely keepsake from Phoebe's second birthday but also something that her little sister can wear because she is all about the bows & headbands. 

The day was pretty decent, despite the freezing cold mountains weather which was just crazy icy, we wished it would snow but alas it did not. Cannot thank those who came and celebrated with us enough and all the lovely little gifts for our not so Little Viking. 


Fiesta Balloons - Ruby Rabbit | Floral Headband - Little Wildfeather | Sugar Skull Plates - Meri Meri | Cake - Unplanned Bakery | Cookies - Mrs Woods and Co | Floral Garlands and Other Decor - DIY | Letter Board - Kmart | Gold Foil #2 Balloon - Big W

Little Viking | Birthday Adventures

the day started with you totally noticing the birthday balloons on the staircase, ruining the surprise which was going to be us putting them in your room to wake up to but you decided to wake up five minutes before Da's alarm. it worked out well anyway and you loved the balloons everywhere {heck they are still gracing our lounge room} squeals of delight filled the house as you began kicking the balloons, throwing your body onto them and you even took some to show Zoey while we looked on half asleep but woken with love in our hearts. we then got ready like any other normal day and did our usual routine, we stopped for coffee {a must} and made the journey to your first birthday activity. 

we headed towards Kanimbla Valley to go see some horses and maybe if you allowed it, a short lead pony ride {I had my fingers crossed for you to actually do it}. it was a beautiful drive down into the valley, super bumpy but hella worth it. we arrived at Centennial Glen Stables and unfortunately did not actually have a booking so no ponies for you but this super lovely kind lady who's name we have forgotten sadly was super happy to show you some horses and sit on one if you wanted. you were amazed at the horses and kept saying "horses" every-time you saw one, also a little weary at approaching them because of their height, you patted one very softly after a few walks around the stables and even sat on one after chucking tantrums of having a helmet on your head. I was so fricken proud of you in that moment though! like you sat on an actual big horse! your some kind of crazy brave kid! it really is beautiful down in that valley and one day soon we will have to go back for some actual horse riding. but I am so glad we went and that they were so accomodating towards us. 

we then made a quick trip back to Leura, which is when you napped for about half an hour {the only nap the whole day}, got some hot chippies, your favourite food pretty much and ventured to the park. we had a wee bit of a picnic in the crisp mountain air and you had a few slides on the slippery dip {is that what it's called these days}. we then spoilt you with some new books because umm impulsive buys on your birthday are a must in my world. then we went home and set up a little bit of a craft for you in the backyard with some metallic paints, you did not like having paint on your hands and kept wiping it on your clothes haha but I think you had a little bit of fun messing with the paints. you were concentrating a fair bit though most of the time though so it was hard to pick your emotions. you then played with a few balloons inside and then we went out the front and fooled around with your scooter in the afternoon air. we hung outside with Frank the pooch and our lovely neighbour Carol, we then had pizza for dinner and you had a silly garlic bread piece with candles in it because garlic bread cake is soooo a thing! haha, you then opened a few little gifts from us and then it was bedtime. 

It was a full on day and we were all damn exhausted after it but we all had so much fun celebrating you Phoebe and I know you had a big, fun day as well. 

we love you so much Rey Bae. 


Little Viking | Turning Two {23 Month Update}

today you turn two and I cannot believe how grown up you are. in the quickest year ever you have surpassed milestones, your personality has blossomed and you have brought a whole tonne of crazy joy to our lives. in that space of a year, you became a big sister and have settled into the role more beautifully than we could of ever imagined, you are so insanely loving to your little sister that I thank God for the both of you daily and how He created you.

you are kind, creative, caring, curious, smart and at the same time reckless, crazy, wild and silly. you have this untamed braveness or adventurous spirit that allows you to tackle scary activities or just freak out your mother, you get insane looks of cheekiness and a rogue smile that means your up to your usual mischievous antics like a usual toddler but majority of the time you are a superb listener and helper.

your afraid of loud noises that trains or planes make but at the same time fascinated by them. your vocabulary and speech are expanding every day as you pick up every word we say, how we say it and the meaning of it. your taking showers now instead of baths, mainly because we do not have a bath tub that fits you but you love it, although you still don't like letting us brush your teeth or wash your body (that is all you apparently). your fiercely independent, so much so you drive us crazy with doing things yourself or running in the direction you want.  

today marks two years of being a mother, your mother, the role that God blessed me with when He blessed us with everything you are. you have taught me alot in that somewhat short time, you have opened my heart in ways I never could of known or imagined, you have tried and testing the very core of me and have taught me a never-ending, wild love for you that will stand for eons. you are the very soul of me kid and you will forever be my shining, radiant one, my rey bae. 

love you 


Little Viking | 22 Month Update

Your officially a big sister and the adjustment has been a big one for you but you are so gentle to Zoey, you think she is silly when she makes funny noises, you like softly rubbing her hair, you point out her toes, hands and facial features, you pass us nappies and wipes when we have to change her and you attempt at putting the dummy in her mouth. You have had a few cuddles and holds of her but are not too keen on them all that much, you constantly lean into the bassinet to give her kisses which is by far the cutest. Your behaviour has been all over the place, like drive your sleep deprived parents through the roof crazy! but speaking on sleep, you sleep through the night nicely despite all the noises Zoey makes.   

You are learning new words everyday and copy anything we say but here are some new ones that you learnt - elephant "effie", yak, the letter "q", Zoey, friendly, thank you, dollie. You love playing with the alphabet set you got for Christmas and are learning so much from it. You can count to ten on most occasions especially when we walk you down the stairs counting. It is so exciting to see you develop your knowledge in numbers, next it shall be shapes and colours. I really want to find some board games or something fun for you to learn from. 

You totally lost points this month and you put sunflower seeds up your nose instead of eating them, like who even does that, so no more seeds for you kiddo because that was just silly. 

You like drinking protein drinks with Da when he makes them which is rather odd because your not a banana fan at all, if I offered you a smoothie you would probably reject me but I think because its Da. You love grapes, like loveeee grapes and you occasionally have a rare bite of watermelon but are not a fan, you like peaches or anything that we say is an "apple" although you can't tell the difference between what is not an apple. The other day you ate your broccoli so we bought two bunches thinking for sure you would just keep eating them at dinner time but you just threw them on the ground. Lame kid, you made me so proud and I totally thought yesssss she finally will eat veggies, but nope. 

You love roughhousing with your dad and anything he does is just hilarious to you, despite half of it giving me a heart attack, you love it when he bounces the ball when your in the bath tub and I can hear you laughing like crazy from upstairs, you love it when he chases you around the house with your cow or moose which you call "moot" and your giggles could power Monsters Inc I swear. 

We got you a big sister book to prepare you for your upcoming role of big sister but everytime dad reads it to you and says can you see big girl? you say "no" and turn your nose to the book but you have a jolly time spotting shoes, trees and buildings in the darn book but are not to jazzed about the girl who is a big sister. Sooooo think you might be a tad bit jealous when the wee bub gets here which will be interesting to see. 

You keep fighting your naps like the dickens and I have been attempting to put you down few hours later than usual to see if that helps, you take forever to actually fall asleep but you wake up less unruly then you would if you did not have that afternoon nap and you seem to eat more of your dinner which is pretty decent than before. You legit wake up saying "car", "chippie" and always expect us to get in the car and go get chips which is totally our fault and we have to distract you with some other treat when we grocery shop or else your appetite for dinner is ruined. 

You are scared of thunder, basically anything that even sounds like thunder, a truck or a plane, speaking of planes, you hear them before we do and shoot your arms out like a plane and make a plane noise which is the darn cutest thing ever! you also noticed a "plane" on your nappy the other day (it was a crab kid) so you kept pointing it out to me also you figured out how to take your nappy off again and you like taking off your clothing when your due for a nap which we have to put back on you because your half nakey. 

You have a fair few wooden toys downstairs and have figured out you can draw on basically all of them with pencil which is not fun for this mum who spent some time curating the perfect wooden toys for you. sigh! at least you have not figured out you can draw on walls and stuff. You always ask me for more paper, I swear I bought that last book of paper for myself and you have used up majority of it because one line on a piece of paper means you need a new one for some reason.

It is also almost a month out from your second birthday and I am honestly so not prepared for your "party" and really really hope I can pull something together in the limited time that I have because I really want to do something special for you since we turned your sweet world upside down with the new baby and you deserve the best from me kiddo. 

We also randomly decided to change your cot to a toddler bed last minute because your Da goes back to work next week and he thinks it will be for the best if I am not lifting you in and our of your crib. This adjustment will be huge for you and already you make one hell of a mess in your bedroom instead of napping which I was afraid of, you seriously broke the handmade teepee I got you a while ago which cost a dear but hopefully your Da can fix it because that is just stressful for me to deal with. I really hope you sleep tonight and are not running up and down like a feral cat! please send prayers in advanced guys that this works for us.

Also 90's style clothing suits you insanely well and you need all the 90's apparel now.


{also this shoot almost did not happen, the second we got on location monkey tripped in her new cons and she did a number on her already cut knee, I mean you can see blood on her jeans poor thing. We had to go home, fix her up, change her pants and then get her chippies so we could try again}