Little Viking | 8 Month Update

It is down to three months before Little Viking turns one and this mumma is stressing out. I am so lost on what to do for it, something grand? or something intimate?, what kind of theme to go with and one that will be memorable not only for her but of us as well. Also I want to re-design her room to be a bit more fitting to her age, now that she is a crazy wildchild of mine, I want her space to encourage her to play, but also eventually evoke imagination. Again I am unsure of what theme I want to go for but picking the perfect teepee has been one of the hardest decisions of my life! and finding the exact bedding I have in mind might just break me. I just can't wait for the finished product and I really hope it all comes together as I imagine it will. 

Phoebe is honestly getting taller by the minute, her legs are so much longer than they were a week ago and she is just getting cheekier and cheekier. The other day Benjamin let go of her standing and she actually balanced and stood for a teeny bit which was amazing and scary at the same time, she will totally be walking very very soon, well before her birthday that is for sure. We have been sleep training her for a while now and she is slowly getting used to self settling, after a bit of a cry but she tends to keep herself occupied in her stuffed animals in the crib and it is so cute when you peek in on her and she is playing with their feet whilst making noise. She is smart enough to know that if she drops the dummy we will come in to pick it up and has figured out how to move the change table mat and drag the bottle towards her (we must move that thing) and she always thinks that the crib is a cue to bless us with a pooey diaper...awesome. 

She still adores bath time and has started to try to get up in the bath or stand up on the side (with our assistance), she drops the bath toys out of it and then brings them back in. I am really not sure if she likes it when I rinse her hair and water goes down her face, she looks so shocked, I really still want to take her to the pool and hopefully one of these days we will. But we got her the cutest turtle backyard pool and there are so many tears when the cold water hits her body but after a few splashes she takes to it but is still not 100% sure on it. Her watermelon swimmers are to die for! And we also used the Econaps swim nappies for her last backyard splash and I darn well love them! They look insanely adorable and they dried really really quick after her being in the water and after we washed them. I am so getting more of them for the future. 

She actually has learnt how to whistle which is so random, but I think she copied me when I cool down her food and she just kinda whistles at the same time. She loves it when Ben plays the harmonica and tries to do it herself but fails at it and just puts the wrong end in her mouth, you will get there little one. Her hair is growing more and more, not sure yet if its going to be straight or curly yet. She has more teeth coming in that's for sure, think they are on the top this time because she has been grumpy as heck, but her personality is shining through and boy is she a cheeky one! I love it when she hears a dog barking and peeks an interest, she is just as concerned as me when I hear any dog make noise nearby.

Can't wait to see how she grows in the next few months and the new milestones she will meet like walking and maybe even talking.