Social Media Stresses For Mums

Instagram - Pinterest - Facebook - After-pay

These are just a few of the social media and technology bonuses that are pouring sinister plots and pressure at mums and mums-to-be. 

More and more these days I am finding it incredibly hard to keep up with the internet world, the fake world of perfectly trim post baby bodies, flawless put together baby outfits and flat lays and countless products that "my baby needs asap". I am suffering internally with all the multitudes of things I keep adding to my secret board called "for my baby", which stores designer products, expensive, never will buy products and just a bunch of random goodness I one day would love to get Phoebe, but it is so easy to just want it all, like right now, like this very minute and when I cannot do that I literally fall in a deep depression and just stare at the board or end up adding so much more to it. I am already planning her birthday celebrations because heck I want it to be the greatest thing that hits Facebook on that day because I mean the social status of my baby means something..[sarcasam].

It is an addiction and we are all trapped in it. The online shopping world for designer mums is getting chaotic, societies of Facebook pages of SWAP/BUY/SELL'S, where to find the best deals and so much more, sure some of the pages are decent enough and provide us with the answers we seek but I just feel like it drives the crazy. Mothers posting their kids in the latest designer clothes, some even with the same sort of style in the photographs, mums debating on what to buy next for their kids or how much they spent on the latest release of clothes while some of them like me cannot afford anything and have to look on from the sidelines dreaming of these "perfect" clothes that will make their lives so much more interesting. Instagram and Facebook are just as bad, even worse. Day to day, hour to hour we devour the beautifully crafted uploads, the humble abodes, the gorgeous families and the creative antidotes. As a mother I really wonder how all the other mums curate such artistic photographs, how they each have the same tones, the perfect flat-lays with the most amazing designer goodies surrounding the most amazing piece of clothes and gain all those followers, it just blows my mind how invested we all are. 

I get lost on Instagram and Facebook, it is literally a dangerous game, you don't know whether or not you are uploading to little photographs of your life or to much of your life. You compare and analyze every single other mums lives, you dote over their style, their baby and what they are doing. You strive, you panic, you ponder and get sucked into this deep hole of singular slight jealousy over everything everyone else has that you don't. We tag our daily photographs with blissful hashtags, brands and we eagerly hope that our kids will be chosen to brand rep some amazing line because that is what it is all about. We are already drowning in house duties, baby duties and wife duties but yet we add on so much more than we can handle.

I am re-branding PTFD to Delphine and Eyre and to be honest it is really tough for me. I stupidly started a new Instagram account for the new page and I regret it now, because I barely have any followers, hardly anyone I know likes the uploads and the pressure to expand is immense, the pressure to blog amazing things and vlog brilliant insights is just horrendous for me. I have only one more pre-recorded vlog left to post and I am already planning a tonne more to do and whether or not I get them done on time is driving me insane. The fact that these new uploads and account only have 20 something followers is enough to make me give up, where PTFD has like 700+ which I have built and grown over a lifetime. This new account is all vulnerable to judgement, to being outcast and the social media presence is just destroying the creative side of it. I want to have the most amazing website, the blog that holds all the secrets, the vlog that gets all the hits and the amazingly dressed designer baby who gets the "OOHS + AHHS", but right now I do not have all of that, barely, I am starting from the ground up, building the foundations whilst my heart and mind is 5 years in the future. It is seriously a mess and I need to get my shite together! 

Social media makes life a competition, heck this post will be a competition! It is all just horrible and I have no idea how to fix this game or get out of the highlights of people's sparkly lives and just focus on my hum-drum quaint little family full of love. 

This post may or may not just be a complete rant.