38 Week Bump-Date


This has been the quote of the week for us. Everyday we hope that it will be the day she decides to come out and we get so sad when nothing ends up happening. Seriously how are you not meant to go crazy waiting for the big day, I now have given up obsessing over every little twinge and thing my body does (waiting for those "you know your in labour" feels) and I am just playing it dumb, or waiting for something big to happen so I can jump up and go give birth. I am just so tired of waking up pregnant every morning nowadays. 

This week I have been mighty emotional or hormonal, more than usual, could be because I just want to go home to Katoomba or because I am so done baking a baby. I have had a few contractions that are more than braxton's and my braxton's are getting way more tighter so I mean that is progress. Little Viking does feel much lower down, her little hiccups are so subtle and lower down now so she has dropped more than last week, although the Dr still wrote 4/5 for the measurement of her head down which has not changed from last week. We had our usual appointment yesterday and it was so boring and quick that we could of done it over Skype I swear, Little Viking is doing so well and it is honestly just a waiting game. My pelvic bones and my hips have been major achy this week, I had a cry about them the other night because it was just so uncomfortable and I would love to have a bath but I don't think it would be super fun getting in and out of it. I keep obsessing over having shaved legs because who knows when labour will happen! 

Over the weekend we went up to Katoomba to mow the lawn (Ben's job) and freshen up the house, which I did a bit of a clean (felt so good- burst of energy before birth?!) and also which resulted in a few contractions at night which was super exciting but alas no baby! We did a bit of walking yesterday which just made my pelvis and back really sore but I did have like major contractions whilst at church on the weekend, I literally had to stop walking and breath like a crazy pregnant lady in the middle of crowds. (little cliche)

I just want her to come out already! I think she is going to go past her due date just because she is getting fed so well in there and because that is just how I feel it is going to go down. I mean two of the Youtube vloggers we watch have had their little ones and now I want to have mine!! Hurry up!!! 

Sorry it is a short one guys. Honestly running out of goodness to write about because it is such a waiting game now.

Prayers and fingers crossed she decides to come soon (wishing for the 7th - such a lovely date)