39 Week Bump-Date

Again here I am and I again I am at a loss on what to write about this week. 39 weeks and counting down the seconds, minutes, hours, days until Little Viking's arrival. I am so blessed to be at this point in the pregnancy and so far everything has been wonderful but at the same time life is just getting harder and I am finding it hard to cope with the little things, for example, putting on pants & socks is a sure fire effort, the way my hair drips after a shower is becoming beyond annoying and the fact that I am hungry all the time are just a few factors that are taking my hormonal level of emotions higher. I really wish I could walk the entire block but at the moment I get down the road and I either cannot feel my feet, back or I need to use the toilet so I have no choice but to turn around. Sleep is horrendous, so over sleeping on a couch right now and I doubt our bed up at Katoomba is any better (it is a bit on the soft mattress side of life atm) but I am getting deeper sleeps, that or I am just exhausted but I am having the most weirdest scary dreams at night now and I get woken up by Braxton's which is a little annoying. I am still stressing over getting more cloth nappies and a few little bits and pieces before she comes, which could be any day! which makes it all the more stressful because by the time I order the nappies I still have to wash the several times to make them absorbent and wait for them to dry! GAH!! and I still need to organise the change table routine and it is so hard because we are down Western Sydney at the moment and everything is up in Katoomba. 

Little Viking has been moving and jiving like crazy everyday, she is moving so so much it is like insane! We can feel her little feet, knees and her butt (she is forever twerking) and her tiny little hands. She has dropped so much since last weeks so it has to be happening soon! She still gets her daily hiccups which are stronger but at the same time lower down. I just want to see her already!! Cravings this week is salt, salt, salt and more salt! Potato crisps and anything with salt! I did have a craving for Coke the other night but had Fanta instead and Little Viking went a bit crazy with that sooo won't be having anymore Fanta for a while.

We had our usual appointment yesterday and as usual we are waiting longer and longer at these things, we eventually saw the Dr and it was all peachy and perfect. She did mention that next week they will be doing a cervical check & possibly a stretch/sweep which by the way has me in all kinds of anxiety and stress. I am going to be freaking out and thinking about the appointment all darn week! I really really really hope that Little Viking decides to come before the appointment so none of that has to happen. I know I have the choice to decline it but I am at a loss because I just want to meet her already but the fear of having it all done is just overwhelming. I can't even relax enough for a pap smear to happen let alone relax enough for this all to happen. It is just all a bit much for me right now and honestly I have days when I am like "I can do this, I can do a natural birth" then I have days when I am "maybe I can't, I can't even handle a bit of lightening" gah! I have no idea how it will all go down but I am really hoping that I can cope with it all and be a brave mama in the end.

I am so so blessed to have the support of my amazing husband Benjamin and I am so excited for him to be a dad, he is beyond excited as well! I am just so proud of who he has become and who he is still becoming, he just keeps adapting and changing to life and it is one of the many qualities about him that I admire. We have so many new adventures already in play and I can't wait for them to unfold & unravel. I can't wait to begin it all with him by my side, he is honestly the greatest thing I have in my life right now and I can't believe I get to spend it all with him. (SERIOUS LOVE BUBBLE)

That is my update for this week! Fingers crossed and prayers that Little Viking decides to show this week and before the 19th!