34 Week Bump-date

34 weeks! Little Viking is the size of a Quokka (a tiny little marsupial thingy, according to my Ovia App) 

This week I have been experiencing exhaustion, breathlessness (especially when I attempt to worship at Colour Conference, which by the way was so good!), the need to pee every 5 minutes,  swollen ankles (seriously fat toes make me cry nowadays) and just being mighty uncomfortable. Now I know I still have 6 weeks to go but I swear my belly is getting bigger each hour! Little Viking is becoming quite weighty and I am wondering how much more can my poor belly accommodate her for. 

Little Viking we want to meet you already! Every night we tell her to come out already, because we just want to cuddle her and experience life with her. Benjamin keeps saying how he misses her and how he can't explain that feeling but he just wants to know her as much as I do. He is being such an amazing husband! Last night he sorted through and organised some of her clothing for me (it was quite an amazing sight watching your husband sort through teeny tiny bits of apparel so carefully even though he is so tired from work, I really appreciated it). Little Viking loves hanging high up in my belly which is quite worrisome because we want her to drop down and come out already. I think she has dropped already, just because my belly is quite droopy these days, her head is down (according to the Dr) and I have been having less heartburn/acid reflux. We have been discussing options for when I do go into labor which is a little bit exciting, scary & crazy at the same time but we hope that when it all goes down that we will be so calm about things and it will all just work out perfectly. 

Little Viking's nursery is almost set up! It is quite minimalist in a way, being a designer I honestly thought I would have a tonne more decor items just scattered everywhere but it is quite simple in there, which I honestly do not mind! I mean things would be different obviously if we were not renting and I could paint walls etc but I think as our first nursery it is quite perfect in its own way. I hope to do a post on it soon with some lovely photographs of it all when its all set up. But we did get a armchair in there over the weekend and it is so serene to sit in there with the mountain breeze coming in through the window ( see Little Viking come out so you can experience it all!!). We do still need to get a few more little clothes essentials just because I am so paranoid that she does not have enough warm clothes and sleeper suits. And I feel like she needs more baby toys so hopefully we get some more organic goodness for that (And of course we still need to invest in the pram!) But it will all work itself out because it has done so up until now. 

Also am I the only one worried about what my last meal will be before I go into labor??! Is that even a thing?! I just feel like it needs to be something amazing and awesome not mediocre because I will remember it always? I swear I am loosing it. Half the time I am so confused and just lost as to what the time is or the day or what to do next with my day. Also I have been getting slight toothaches these days (does not help that its almost Easter and I am craving chocolate like a crazy person) but I hope to go to the dentist asap once she is born, because I doubt they can do anything whilst being pregnant, like major things, hopefully it does not come down to that. 

So yeah that is my 34 week bump-date, this coming week we have another Dr's appointment (these are so routine and boring now that I doubt I will have anything exciting to share with you about it) but I hope that it all goes well.