37 Week Bump-Date

I am 37 weeks guys! How crazy is that! LITTLE VIKING IS FULL TERM! which means she can arrive at any moment and any day!! (hurry up Little Viking, we are waiting for you). 

Yesterday we had our usual appointment at the hospital and everything went well, the Dr said she has the perfect little heartbeat and she even kicked her whilst she was checking her heartbeat. Her head is engaged and everything looks great! It is just a waiting game and being on baby watch like crazy. They did want me to get another liver functions test because the last one we had was a month ago so alas I had to get another blood test done (hopefully it is the last one for a while) but the lady who did it was so lazy! She picked the biggest vein on my arm instead of other people searching for the usual normal smallish one she just used the most obvious one and I have never gotten blood taken from there in my entire life! Which also meant she had to use the smallest needle which actually hurt a lot more for me. Yesterday was just a fair bit of waiting for us really, we were at the hospital for majority of the morning and things were just taking a long long time, hopefully we won't have to do too many more waiting room waits! 

We are also realizing that everything we do, whether it be going out for lunch or seeing a movie, it might be the last time as just the two of us which is not a bad thing in my mind, we are just adding to our day outing party with one little extra bit of sweetness. We are getting so exciting for Little Viking to come these days, like picturing scenarios involving taking her out in the Bugaboo and just lying on the bed staring at her! I seriously cannot wait. And I cannot wait to eat Camembert, sushi and kebabs.  like dying to eat everything that I can't possibly eat right now. We just want her to come so we can experience life with her and hear her little tiny coo's and just love her to bits! Also it would be nice so I can start getting better sleep (well better than I am right now). Sleeping seriously sucks so much for me and being in the western parts of Sydney the humidity and just general no-breeze at night is killing me, I am just sweating up a storm, finding it hard to get comfy, ruining my neck sleeping weird and just not loving it at the moment. Just want to have Little Viking and go back up to Katoomba and sleep in our own bed and our own house and just start living life with her. I have also been waking up so paranoid and I keep waking up for no reason which is driving me insane, last night Dakota was so restless and the whole time I was like is this a thing, Dakota do you know something I don't know haha! But poor thing was not feeling well and I swear we let her outside like 10 times last night. Also with the dogs it is getting quite hard for me to wash them, yesterday we got home and Dakota was covering in dirt and wet from the weather (good thing I did not wash her the day before) but she was filthy so I had to wash her, but the whole time bathing her in the sink my poor back was just seizing up in pain until I sat down. I was supposed to cut her hair and also wash Buddy but I just could not do it, I sprayed Buddy with a pamper spray and gave him a good brush out but I just wish I could of done more. 

I have also been getting a tonne of Braxton's like a tonne! and it was so odd how the Dr asked me if they were regular like 10 mins apart and we told her that they were like that the moment we came to the hospital for our appointment yesterday and she said oh okay well that is good! Not like oh your in pre-labor or anything like that?! Sigh we are just hanging on every single twitch and Braxton I get! And boy are they getting tighter and tighter, it is actually quite awesome but just come out already haha! Another symptom would be my darn belly is still stretching and is so super itchy! Like insanely itchy!! I can't believe it still has more stretch to go, I mean I have so many stretch marks at the moment and they are just a part of me now but the itch is driving me insane! I really hope it is not PUPS or anything like that because I wouldn't be able to last if it was. Cravings this week would have to be ice-cream for sure, mi goreng (which is a weird one) and I suppose just chocolate in general again. Speaking of spicy foods we have been researching natural ways to induce labor like crazy people, we tried pineapple and Benjamin ate majority of it than I did (it was too good), we have been trying to take the dogs for walks in the afternoon, yesterday it was raining and I can only go so far down the road before I have to use the toilet again, Benjamin keeps telling me to do the whole kerb step thing and any stairs we find I try to do them, we also picked up some Raspberry leaf tea from T2 and I started drinking it before we got pregnant to tone up my uterus and regulate my menstrual cycle and it did help a fair but so thought I would get some more to again tone up everything and prepare things for labor. We just want to meet her so soon and soon is not even soon enough for us! 

We also did the breastfeeding class over the weekend which was informative but again a fair bit of it we already knew from books and just general research. A funny moment for us was when they showed one of those 90's old school videos of breastfeeding and they showed how a newborn can make it's own way to the breast after being born and the little noises that the newborn on the video was making legit made both of us cry, like I could of balled my eyes out in that room (was I the only hormonal pregnant lady in there?!!) It was by far the sweetest thing and I just want to hear the noises she makes!! Gah!! Also we were so tired in that class despite having coffee and food beforehand and they have us fake baby dolls to practice holding with and the one I got was in a bunny onesie (how fitting) but it was seriously so comfy just holding it and I almost fell asleep just cuddling a plastic doll! haha. I did not want to give it back to them, I mean I have always wanted a Baby Born doll when I was a kid but never got one so must of been my inner child or maternal instincts kicking in. But the class was interesting and I seriously hope breastfeeding works out for me. 

I will be sharing her nursery sometime today hopefully! Can't wait to show you how it turned out and also the maternity session my amazing husband did for me I probably will share either by the end of the week or next week!