33 Week Bump-date

33 weeks!! She is almost here and that is the craziest thought that goes through both of our minds every single time we remember that the weeks are counting down. 

Benjamin has truly been amazing over the past couple of days, he is currently "nesting" in his own ways but he has been doing his research on labor & birth, he as been so kind enough to bless Little Viking with many many things for her nursery and of course me with the birth and things for our hospital bag. He has gone with me to every single appointment and has a far better memory than I do so it is twice a blessing with him next to me on this journey (seriously I can only just remember my birth-date when they ask me). I could not ask for a better husband on this next journey of life and I just know he is going to be the most amazing, dorky dad ever! 

Last week we got an ultrasound done (just a general growth scan) and Little Viking is all in the average percentile's of things, she is just a normal little bub and is growing brilliantly. So happy there has been no complications thus far! It has been a good pregnancy!! I can feel she is running out of room because her movements are insane these days, she just loves doing karate in there and rolling about, which scares me because she does not warn me at all. We seriously cannot wait to meet her and see what who she looks like and just bless her with our love that we have for her. 

Symptoms this week would have to been again pelvic pain (my golly I am just done), Little Viking can come out now because the pelvic pain I get is enough to make me feel so immobile and just emotional, after a long day I just feel so done with this pregnancy. Another big thing is emotions, if I am super tired or just had a rough day I will cry for no apparent reason and in a few minutes after I have had my little spout I am all fine again (hormones!). Sometimes it seems quite funny and silly, but then sometimes it does not. Also I get exhausted fairly quickly these days, especially if I have had a full day previously or not good rest, I am just buggered for the entire day, my feet hurt so badly and my pelvis and it is just not good when I am seriously tired. 

We have bought a fair few things for her nursery over the past couple of days and I am proud to say I am compromised so so much with everything for her and I am starting to not mind it at all. We have all the main big furniture items for her room and have set most of it up and I got to say it wasn't what the designer side of me was going for, it has sort of taken a shape on its own but I, we really really like the way it is turning out. Everything just sort of goes with each other, it all fits in our rental place (which by the way is a massive blessing) and I am just happy with how it is all working out (now to master organisation with her drawers). We do have a few other items to get, just some wraps, diapers and baby toys but the rest of the things we need are for in a couple of months after she is born. So I am glad it is all coming together.