Nursery Decisions: Crib Bedding & Cushions

I honestly thought I would go all out on crib bedding for Little Viking. I have had multiple amazing brands pinned for years on Pinterest, those little gems that I found millions of years ago still hold my heart dear. But after so much compromise in my mind I decided to save the best for last, let's put it that way. I figured that whilst she is little we can get affordable bedding that I wouldn't mind getting a bit messy and once she gets her big girl bedroom we can fork out more to get the nice designer bedding I dream she will have. I also figured by that time maybe we will have our own place to paint, decorate & do with what we like, which will give me more free reign as a designer mummy instead of a rental place. 

We have a few bedding sets for her crib at the moment, the current one that is on her mattress is a lovely mint raindrop print we got from Adairs (you have to love Adairs!), we also have some winter flannelette sheets for the colder months to come and we picked up another mint print from Kmart the other day. (seriously the things they have at Kmart are second to Adairs and way more affordable). As far as cushions go, we currently just have two in the nursery, one is a cute little fox from Lolli Living and the other is yet another mint cushion we picked up from Target. Eventually I will probably go crazy with the cushions as she gets older but at the moment her nursery is already looking better than our very own bedroom! 

So this post is more about the things I have had my eye on for a while and probably will for the next little one we have (praying for a little boy), but some of these brands I just can't live without and love everything they do. I just picked a few off Pinterest that I had pinned a fair few things of theirs, so this will probably be the shortest nursery decision posts I have done on here, but hope you still enjoy it! 


Adairs Kids

I have fallen deeply for Adairs Kids and Adairs in general. They just have such wonderful trendy products right now for nurseries & kids bedrooms. Bright colours and geometric prints are popular right now as well as mix/match themed goodies. I really love these neutral cushions, they are just so calming and look mighty comfy. (to be honest we have some cushions from Adairs just waiting for the day we get a sofa so we can love on them) 

Coral & Tusk

I have loved Coral & Tusk's designs since the beginning of time (exaggeration much) but honestly I am a huge fan of their products. They are just so unique and lovingly handmade. I especially love their cushions that come with little attachments that would make any little one excited for bed-time. They are just so adorable & whimsical.

Leo & Bella

I am a huge fan of the range of products Leo & Bella stock online. I love that they stock linens from By Nord & Bloomingville. By Nord stole my heart so many years ago with their simple woodland/animal inspired bed linens, I have dreamed about owning their lovely linens for ever now (alas it has not happened yet) but I really want to get some for when our future child gets a big kid bedroom and of course some for our bed! There is just something magical sleeping in a bed with a giant fox or wolf print.

Bloomingville is new to me and we have the cutest little fox pull toy in Little Viking's nursery. They have a wide variety of different products to please anyone but I especially love their linen collection. It is just so sweet and precious, with the lovely quotes on them and the adorable animals. 

Little Unicorn

Even though they are an American company and shipping breaks my heart every-time. Little Unicorn's products are so worth it in the end. Their products are so magical, whimsical & beautiful. I could just get everything on their website honestly. We have one of their quilts and it is the softest, most amazing feeling quilt ever (I want it all to myself). They do so many wonderful things like swaddles, bedding & diaper bags. I love the different prints they have on their sheet sets, just so so beautiful. 

Target (America)

Okay so these beauties are from the Target store in America but little ole me is hoping that our Australian stores will get them in sometime soon because they are just brilliant. I love anything with woodland critters on it at the moment, anything with a fox on it is a tempt for me to buy immediately. And I love how the affordable stores are bringing in designs that are like the fancy ones out and about these days. It just gets me excited!