35 Week Bump-date

This morning I awoke to the most perfect mountains day thus far, it was foggy with slight rain & the softest coldest breeze blowing through the air. It was just magic and I would of gone outside in my pj's but let's face it that is not the wisest of choices. I looked out Little Viking's nursery window and it was so cosy inside that I wish she was here so I could have sleepy morning mountain cuddles. We are just so impatient to meet her at this point and just want her to come early so we can love on her fully. We keep praying that she will come around Easter time just because we will be with family, nearby to the hospital & she would be the cutest little Easter gift ever and also Benjamin proposed to me on Good Friday so that would just be so special if it happened then, but also this weekend we are venturing to Eagle View Escape on a slight business adventure/baby-moon which I am so excited about (bring on all the bath time I can get). Last time we ventured to Eagle View Escape, Little Viking was barely the size of a strawberry at that point and to be going there now and she is the size of a rock-melon or equivalent is just so crazy. We just want her to come sooner because Benjamin is also shooting a wedding close to her due date which freaks me out a little just because I constantly want him with me all the time just in-case something happens so we will see how this all plays out. 

We had our usual appointment yesterday and everything looks brilliant, all the tests that we had done came back all good and the Dr said her head is fixed (all good signs). Now I love midwives, we have met some nice ones at Westmead but yesterday there was just a few that hit a few buttons with us, well not just yesterday other times too, but honestly it just feels like everyone thinks we are clueless about everything that is going to happen, that if we don't do classes or do what they suggest we will fail miserably at it all. We told the midwife that we couldn't get into any birth or parenting classes because her due date is fast approaching (plus for us they cost money which is so stupid), so for the past couple of weeks Benjamin (more so him than me) has been researching, reading, doing everything he can think of it better both of our knowledge of everything and to be honest he has learnt so much and I am so proud of the effort he has put in but the minute we told the midwife this, she looked at us like we broke her favorite vase she got from Aunt Ellie, seriously. She practically forced us into signing up for a breastfeeding classe with some parenting tips in a week or so (thank goodness it only cost us a little bit) but it was just frustrating how she just forced it onto us and basically gave us no other option but to do it. And she also told us not to show our birth plan to the midwives at all because they have seen it all and know what to do and to just refer to it in your bag and now what you want. This all just makes me a little worried for when it comes time to give birth like I want it to go like my birth plan says or else what was the point of the birth plan? I don't want decisions forced upon me in the moments when I am at my weakest and I am certainly hoping I do not get one of these one-minded midwives by my bedside. Also am I the only one freaking out about being sent home less than 24 hours after giving birth if its a normal birth? Like I feel like a chicken in a shed at the hospital these days, just contributing to the ever growing population! It is just so annoying, I mean this is my first pregnancy, first baby, first everything and your going to send me home barely afterwards just like that? I want that cosy, homey, mother hen situation from the hospital and maybe next pregnancy I will just do a home birth in the comforts of my own home with a loving doula or the nicest midwife I can find because I do not want to be freaking out about these things close to the due date. 

Last night I got the biggest shock ever! One of my breast decided to leak! Dead set I thought the ceiling was leaking or I was drooling or I had messed with my tea on my shirt but nope it was the perfect circle on my shirt. I was literally in shock at yet another thing that makes it all seem more real. I just couldn't believe it. Other symptoms this week would have to be pelvic pain again, her head is just right there and she is one heavy little thing, I am constantly using the toilet and then when I stand up she is so heavy I practically could use the toilet again and speaking of toilet. Constipation = the devil (that is all I am saying on that). I have also been getting braxton hicks here and there and occasionally I do get deeper cramps but I honestly swear I just need to do a number two because I am so backed up its not funny. I am glad my body is doing what it needs to do to prepare for labor and the day could not come sooner enough, I want Little Viking out and I want to be able to do the things I could do before I have a rock-melon sized bub inside of me (here I come gym).  A new weird craving that I had this week (am yet to actually try it) is I really want steak and banana's like together, you know those 1 minute steaks yeah those with sliced banana on them. I want it! I ate like 4 banana's in a row the other morning so maybe its the bananas but heck I want it to badly. 

Also I am excited to do a nursery reveal! Not sure when it will happen but it will happen soon so be on the lookout for that and also we pretty much have everything we need for her arrival (could do with a few more cloth diapers) but holy heck yesterday my ever amazing husband blessed me with the one thing I would not compromise on but slightly did! My very own Bugaboo Cameleon 3. I am in love with it and it is just the darnest thing ever and I need Little Viking to come so I can walk around the mountains with it. It is so perfect and smooth and just everything I thought it would be and I am just so blessed right now (probably spoilt too) but I love my husband so much and he is really taking care of me, us and Little Viking. 

So that is it for my 35 week bump-date! Hope you are enjoying the journey with us.