Nursery Decisions: Apparel & Accessories

It has been so hard for me to decide on what "nursery decision" post to do next. Indeed I have a long list that I have been slowly getting through but as the days loom closer for Little Viking to arrive I find myself getting lazy or impatient with the idea of doing these posts. Maybe because half of the things I talk about getting we don't end up getting, which by the way has been a huge challenge for me. Compromise is literally fast becoming my best quality yet and although I still do not like the idea of it, half the time I cannot stop it coming on. It really does suck sometimes because I do want to get Little Viking all the wonderful things I have pinned over the years, I pinned them for a reason and that reason is her, but then that part of me reminds me that I can always get them for her eventually down the track, she will grow up and certain clothes will suit her better or her style will change or things like that. And then I remind myself that hopefully she will have siblings and then I can try again at not compromising over the fancy things I have on my list. 

Needless to say, Little Viking has enough clothing for the first few months (although there is a part of me that says she does not) but I really hope she does. We got a tonne of clothing from the baby showers and over the past year we have collected a few items (glory box).  There are so many different brands of clothes that we want to get for her but I think it will work out better after a few months when she is crawling or even walking because it might look a bit cuter on her and the clothes will last her longer than newborn size etc. So I thought I would do this post to share some of the apparel, brands and accessories that we/I have pinned or are drooling over just getting for her in general. There are so many talented people out there creating new designs and quirky apparel and it really is a gem stumbling onto them. Instagram has been massive for me to find designers and accessories which has been different because I have always just loved Pinterest, but Instagram has just taken over my social media life and it really is the hub for mothers-to-be to find eclectic, quirky and unique things for their little ones. 

So the things below are a few brands and bits that I have pinned, some of it is for Little Viking whilst others are things that I just simply love and admire. 

Pretty Brave

New Zealand designed leather baby shoes. Inspired by little brave ones everywhere, these lovely little shoes are just so beautiful. I honestly think I have a thing for animal prints at the moment with Little Viking, they are just so versatile & easy to pair things with.  From sandals to the all-ever popular moccasin Pretty Brave has designs for every little one.

Chasing Rivers

Chasing Rivers is a brand for little ones that are adventurous, wild,  creative spirits. Inspired by nature, this brand produces quality organic cotton apparel for little ones that is sure to please. Benjamin and I both love their designs especially their bubble rompers. 

Rock Your Baby

Have loved Rock Your Baby for quite some time and just had to include their latest range. Rock Your Baby is for that wild child chasing their greatest dreams, with inspiring clothing designs that are quirky & fun loving.

Rylee and Cru

I simply adore the beautiful clothes that Rylee and Cru bring out, they are just so whimsical & unique. Founded by Kelly Murray who creates gorgeous illustrations, Rylee & Cru brings imaginative, artistic designs to little ones wardrobes. Again we both love the designs and we can't wait to get our hands on some for Little Viking. 


Sly Fox Threads

I love everything about Sly Fox Threads. Discovered them after watching Daily Bumps channel on Youtube and also The Johnson Fam channel. I really want to get some for Little Viking so she can rep them here in Australia, their clothing line is just so quirky & everything I want for her style! From their floral hats all the way down to the brilliant tee's, I just want everything on their website basically. The Sly Fox Family also has a daily vlogs channel so be sure to check that out! 

The Club of Odd Volumes

The Club of Odd Volumes is pretty darn awesome, they curate apparel and homewares with creative works by different local artists. Which gives you some unique finds for your little ones, your home or even your own wardrobe. I love that they rotate after a certain period of time, keeping stock fresh & inspiring. Their kids range is just oozing with imagination & craziness and I just love that about it. 

Vans & Toms

Last but not least some more shoes. Of course I want to get Little Viking some sick shoes, especially since she is going to be a one tough skater kid (we wish and hope). I have always had my eye on the great products that these two brands bring out and I just can't wait till we get some sweet pairs for Little Viking! Sometimes I even wish she would be born like child size and walking just so we can fast forward time and get some!