Nursery Decisions: Bathtime Essentials

I thought I would do a nursery decision post on some bath time essentials for little ones. My mind has not been on bath time things for Little Viking because it just seems like normal things you would already have, towels and all of that and I just assumed we would get tonnes of baby bath stuff from the baby showers but not we only have a few little bits and bots so now it is on the back of my mind. 

The place that we live in now does not have a bath and needless to say I am craving a really good solid bubble bath myself. I certainly would love to get a new place once Little Viking grows out of the portable bath tub we want to get from IKEA, but for the first couple of months we will make do. It is so hard not to just run a bath at the end of the day, showers do not cut it for me and I want to use all my gorgeous Lush bath bombs I got gifted with! I always want Little Viking to be able to enjoy and experience some of the great bath bombs and just have fun in the bath like I did as a kid so a proper bath tub is essential for when she gets a bit older. 

These products I have listed below are just a few of the ones that I have put on our registry, I have not put many because again it is such a essential need that I just don't see the point, well I hope we remember to get towels and all of the little things for her. (fingers crossed). I really am keen to try the organic products below, especially the Eco Store products & the Aden and Anais towels and face washers. I really hope Little Viking loves bath time and cuddle time afterwards! Cannot wait! 


Eco Store Baby Starter Pack (Target) $49.00

Included is Bubble Bath, Sleepy Time Bath, Body Wash, Nappy Balm & Baby Soap

I have always wanted to get this for Little Viking ever since discovering Eco Store. I love their eco friendly products which are soft and gentle on the skin and just pure essentials. I am so eager to try the Sleepy Time Bath wash with Little Viking, to give her a little baby massage before bed time and just spend quality time loving her! 

Alex Toys Dirty Dog Bath Toys $19.00

Ever since I saw this adorable little set at PBK when I worked there I was in love. It is so darn cute and teaches children if you are dirty best to have a bath and get squeaky clean again. These little doggies go into the bath covered in "mud" but once your little one has scrubbed then clean they are all good and dandy again (which is beyond adorable to me) And being a dog lover how could I not get these for Little Viking.

Sophie Bath Buddy $23.00

This is one of those generic brand toys I think every mum has to get for their little ones, along with the teething toy this one is just as adorable. Perfect for younger children in the bath, this toy simple floats and squirts water when squeezed. This one is on our registry at the moment but it is not highly essential to me at this point (not as much as the dogs above), but it is certainly the perfect baby shower gift for expecting mothers.

Hello World Gift Pack $44.95

Included Bath Time Wash, Spotty Tots, Sleepy Bubs Massage Oil and Nighty Night Room Spray

I will admit I discovered Milk Baby in the local grocery stores. I could not walk past the cute little names for each product and of course its eco-friendly, organic goodness. This little pack is also on our registry and there are other products I would love to try from the company as well. 

Ikea Lattsam Baby Bath $9.00

We do not want to spend tonnes of money on a bath for Little Viking, we just want something safe and easy to store etc and that is were IKEA is just perfection in itself. This affordable bath tub is just perfect for us right now. I do wish our rental place had a bath (Craving a bath so bad) but at least Little Viking can enjoy in the pleasures of a little bath tub.

Hevea Natural  Rubber Bath Toys Set of 3 $44.95

I love these natural, non-toxic bath toys from Hevea. I certainly want a fair few of Little Viking's toys and things to be organic and natural as much as possible so when I found these I just had to add them to our registry. They are durable and soft and just perfect for bath time. 

Aden & Anais Bath Time Products

These are essentials for newborns and little ones and you can't go past a good brand. I have face washers & a hooded towel on our registry at the moment and could certainly do with a few more bath products from Aden & Anais. Excited to wrap Little Viking up in the soft, muslin fluffy towels!!