Tamworth Baby Shower

The past weekend my lovely sister-in-law Kayla threw me the most pleasant, beautiful little baby shower. It was just beyond perfect, a sweet high tea (I ate way to many scones), Little Viking got spoilt so much! And we are so grateful for the gifts, they are all so thoughtful! Thank you for Kayla & Lindy for their efforts to make it a special occasion, and Benjamin for photographing it and capturing the moments. 

Like the other shower we had, I got given advice, wishes for baby & predictions, these are some of the words of wisdom and lovely things people wrote.

advice: "always take a nap when baby is taking a nap"

"don't worry, you've had plenty of practice with Ben! You're gunna absolutely smash this parenting thing"

"don't forget to make date nights"

"don't try to be the perfect mum, not one of us has achieved that yet"

"soak up all the time you spend with each other"

predictions: 19th, 21st, 10th, 4th, 22nd of April & also 3rd March for birth-date,  many guesses for hair color was brown or black and guess on time of birth was mostly late at night or early morning. 

wishes: "I hope you are not afraid of Ben's hair"

"I hope you never forget to eat cake, I promise you won't get fat"

"I hope you learn the piano"

"I hope you laugh at corny jokes in Disney movies"

"I hope you respect the beard"

"I hope you respect that you are unique and wonderful. There is only one you" 

"I hope you fall deeply in love with Jesus"


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Tamworth Baby Shower- lo res (305).jpg