Nursery Decisions: Rockers, Change Tables & Dressers

When it comes to any long-term investment furniture items for the nursery for Little Viking I get very picky and particular on what I want to purchase. Right now anything that I think we will purchase I figure will be around for a fair bit (when she gets a big bedroom) so I really want timeless, pieces that can fit any theme, design and something that grows with her. But at the same time I hate being tied down to a piece of furniture for quite some time especially if I grow to dislike it. At the moment when it comes to change tables/dressers I really want to find something that fits the theme we are going for, looks charming, is unisex and ideally converts to storage as she gets older. When it comes to changing tables, I want to be super organised, in the draws and on top, clutter will be the death of me if I see it in her nursery, so I want something with tonnes of storage options and a fair amount of space on top of it, I am also so undecided if I want an actual change table or just a dresser with a change mat on top of it. I certainly want something sustainable and of course safe, I fear the tiered ones look so flimsy to me and they can be pushed over or they just do not have the ample amount of surface space I want. We still need to make time to go look at all of these and its getting close to crunch time so I am just freaking out about it a little bit these days, I just want something perfect, budget fitting and something I honestly won't regret buying and I just want to be sure I made the right decision and to not doubt my decision (It is kind of like buying a wedding dress or a new car in the same way for me) 

With the rocker, I really want one just because it makes the whole nursery idea to me so much more cosy and warm. I want a space where I can sit comfortably to breastfeed and read stories to Little Viking or just have perfect cosy cuddles (or even a nap). I want something that is timeless again and fitting to the theme, neutral in color and also an investment for future children. 

There is still so much we need to get before she arrives and I just hope it all works out in the end and the nursery is exactly the way I picture it in my heart and mind. 


Sleepy-time Nursery Rocker

This was originally the rocker that we wanted to get, well I wanted to get. We saw it in a baby store, sat in it and it was just love. It is super wide, comfy, everything you could possibly want in a rocker EXCEPT the price-tag, sitting at almost $800, it is a fair chunk of money to get this so after a bit of thought we decided not to get it and instead are looking at getting the rocker from Adairs kids, which is $399-$400 price depending on if they are having a sale or not. It is the perfect size for the nursery at the moment and is just as comfy as the expensive one. I can't wait to get it in and rock Little Viking to sleep. 

IKEA Strandmon Footstool

I would love a footstool, pouf thing to go with the rocker, just to put my feet up when I am breastfeeding and to just get more comfy, especially if we get pregnant again soon afterwards, would be nice to just relax. The ones at Adairs I love, but again the price tag is just a bit to much so I want to look at other options for them. I am keen to see what Target or Kmart has, but IKEA was my first go to and I really like this one, because I mean we can use it around the house, it is charming and fitting to the theme. Not sure if we will get this exact one but it is to cute not to share.

IKEA Sundvik Changing Table/Chest of Drawers

As I said previously, I want something sturdy and with lots of storage, something that can convert to a dresser or side table as Little Viking grows, so this IKEA change table does interest me, the only downside is it does look a bit small etc and flimsy. I am not a big fan of the whole fold out bit, it just seems like a downfall and not safe. There is not that much space on top either, but it does have drawers, but again not a lot of storage. 


IKEA Gulliver Change Table

This change table I do love the wood and the sustainable side of it. It would fit perfectly in the nursery and for its size as well. But as I said I do not love the tiered change tables, they just feel unstable to me and there really is not a lot of room to change a baby on it. I do not like how the shelves are open, I imagine little hands pulling things out and about and things just getting cluttered. Again we have not looked at IKEA and dived deeply into change tables yet and I am really hoping we can make a day or two of it in a week or so.

Oeuf Merlin Dresser

This dresser along with the Rhea & Sparrow cribs have been a longtime love of mine for ages. I love everything about everything that Oeuf brings out and this dresser is just perfect to me. It converts into a gorgeous dresser and comes in a wider variety as well, all you need is to put a change mat on top of it and you have all that room to play with for storage/organisation options. It is pricey for us but I really really love it and see it as an investment so hopefully we can make the right decision soon on whether or not to get it. 

Babyletto Lolly Dresser

Babyletto is a recent discovery for me and I was so thrilled I found out it is stocked in Australia! Their cribs and dressers are a cheaper alternative for me at the moment and I think I would be happy if we settled with their products. I have read mixed reviews though, so again not to sure. But this design of this dresser is just gorgeous! I do wish it had way more drawer storage but again I have not looked at this in person so not sure how deep the drawers are really. 

Bebe Care Euro Dresser

This dresser/change table is just on here as a cheaper alternative for me. I do like the functionality, design and the tonnes of storage it does come with. So this one is a good option for me at the moment. I have not done to much research on it but just from looking at it I can tell it might be a big contender. 

Incy Interiors Scarlet Dresser

Anything from Incy again I simply adore. So of course I love this timeless, classic dresser from them, it is just perfect and I love that if we did get it, it can be used as she gets older and so on (would be perfect with a little vanity attached to it) I love the detail and just everything about it. It is again a big one in my heart and we just need to get out and measure all of these change table/dressers and decide on one soon. 

So that is the drawers/change tables and the rocker we have our eyes, hearts and minds on these days. I really hope we can make a good decision very very soon!