32 Week-Bumpdate

32 weeks is here! I honestly cannot believe how quickly the time is flying and how sometimes it does not feel like it is but time is quickly just going by. 

We had our second baby shower over the weekend, which was held in Tamworth and was just lovely (Little Viking got so spoilt!) hopefully I will have the blog post up this week! She got a tonne of gorgeous clothing and some brilliant practical items. It was just a wonderful time.

This week I just seem to feel so mega pregnant every minute, I just feel so huge and not myself. I am beyond ready to have Little Viking and to hit the gym right now, I just feel like I am loosing my entire body and yes I know it is all natural and everything but it seems to be hitting me hard. I just feel so lost and I am so upset that I have fat toes right now, like fat toes! I have never ever had fat toes and it is just horrendous to me!! I had a little bit of a cry yesterday just over my toes, it was quite silly but glad Benjamin was there to pick up my crummy pieces and to say my toes are perfect and I am perfect. I feel way more hormonal when I get super tired or it has just been a long day, and a 6 hour drive from Tamworth to Sydney and then another 45 minutes on top of that to do a couples shoot in Alexandria can make you mighty hormonal. Being trapped in the car for that long was very very tiresome, I just wanted to put my feet up and napping was a bit of problem, the road is so bumpy and I just could not get comfy at all, I mean I got a few minutes and more of nap time but I could of gotten a lot more. 

Speaking of uncomfortable I really really think I have PGP now and it is only getting worse, or it seems to get worse when I just don't have rest days, I am in so much pain pelvic wise, like it is horrible. Little Viking is beyond heavy for me right now and I can't imagine her getting bigger or heavier and I wonder how I will cope with it. Turning over in bed is a huge problem for me and I am finding it harder and harder to do so, even with a million pillows and such. I also noticed I am getting up at exactly the same time every night regardless if I need to use the toilet or not which is interesting. 

Little Viking loves doing the biggest sweeping and kicking movements over the past couple of days (yes we are so proud that you have bones, knees, shoulders and all of that) BUT can you warn mummy before you decide to do a big movement please! She is just tai-fighting or something in there on occasion! It is a bit crazy. She loves hanging up high in my belly with her butt sticking out a fair bit and she is still getting hiccups. We have another ultrasound this week so hugely excited to see her!! 

Cravings this week would have to be fruit, although I don't take notice of that one too much (horrible I know) and since driving to Tamworth it has to be cheeseburgers for sure! SO HORRIBLE!! but it is what it is! We are really hoping to eat a tonne more veggies and fruit this week because we have been shocking on that front (it is quite hard buying proper groceries and making adult decisions! ha) so last night we had a tonne of roasted veggies which was to die for (hello pumpkin & sweet potato) 

I am really hoping to get a tonne of editing done this week and the next so not to sure what will happen with PTFD but I will try to get things organised and out when I can so just be mindful if I miss a day or a post. 

Thanks for reading & hope you enjoyed this post!