29 Week Bump-date

I passed the glucose test! YAYYYYY! 

I was so afraid that I wouldn't pass it but thank God I did and all my other blood tests came back normal as well. 

Heartburn is still an issue this week and I don't see it getting any lesser until she is probably born. Little Viking has been moving A LOT and she gets hiccups like 4-5 times a day sometimes, I have also started kick counts which to me is not very wise for pregnant woman to do, it just seems like another way to make us all paranoid & worried about every thing again. I know that she moves a fair bit especially when she has hiccups so why do I have to record how many movements she does, it just freaks me out. The first time I did it, she was probably still sleepy so it took her 10 minutes to do 10 movements, now as a first time mom doing kick counts for the first time ever I was freaking out, I was poking my belly, drinking cold water, I just wanted her to keep moving so I could be done with it. Horrible experience. Now I know its to make us aware of baby's movements and record them for all the right reasons but it is just a bit scary when you sit and focus and it just takes a bit longer than you expect, but I have started doing it on a morning/afternoon schedule and she usually does 10 movements in like 4 minutes which makes me feel better. 

Later this week also I started experiencing well what I would say is probably Pelvic Girdle Pain or PGP which is basically everything relaxing and preparing for birth, for me it is quite uncomfortable especially at night. I honestly feel like a turtle stuck on my back in bed these days and every time I roll over, get up to pee or anything I get the worst pain in my hips and pelvic bones and sometimes well most times my lower back will crack. I am also getting so emotional over it and just not being able to do daily things like clean because I am supposed to rest it but it is all very frustrating because I just want help to do these things and not to feel so invalid all the time. I want to sleep normally and be able to turn over with ease but it is just not happening and probably won't for a while that I know. I do sit on my exercise ball because sitting in a chair is quite horrendous and I will certainly be trying to do a few exercises to ease the pain until our next appointment in 2 weeks. (Honestly these things either come up before an appointment and go away or after and I have to wait till the next one)

This week I have been in love with eating Nutella & bloody darn decent vanilla ice-cream together. Who has Nutella on toast anymore?! Eat it with ice-cream people!!! Its the greatest thing ever. And I have been craving Zooper Doopers ( but alas we have not gotten any), Vanilla Coke is another big one and yesterday it was apple juice! 

Just a short little update at 29 weeks pregnant (can't believe it! 9 weeks to go!!)