2016 | a fond farewell

As the year comes to yet another close, I was thinking this morning how creatives do their yearly reviews and I was wondering if I should do for our family, not as a means to "show off" our year but to relive the memories, good or bad and to have it just to look back. This year has brought immense changes for us, a massive one was the birth of our first child - Phoebe, honestly I look back in the year and wonder what the heck I did with it but I gave birth, that is such a wonderful thing to remember that I actually did, like I remember during labour wanted to use the toilet all the time and I only realised now that that "feeling" I had was my body doing what it was supposed to and Phoebe slowly making her way into the world, at the time I was so oblivious and just didn't want to [poop] during the labour experience. But to be really honest, this year we became parents, I become a mother to a precious little girl, who has changed our lives like crazy, our sleep is out the window and has been for majority of the year, we can't eat without being watched by a crying baby, we get woken up with baby babble or a hand on our face, we can't leave the house without the pram because our seven month old is now a workout weight, our lounge room is scattered with toys and cloth diapers but at the same time, our hearts are full, we have family adventures, her laugh is more than enough to make us break with joy, the cuddles she gives us we savor, the way she gives us that cheeky smile of hers is just dangerously adorable and we would not change anything about her. She is perfection and we are so blessed to have her as our own. 

Sure the year has not been without its lows, financially and emotionally, we have all been there. Blessings have come and gone, some that have been asked for and some that we barely noticed but welcomed at the time, the struggles that come with being new parents and not knowing a thing but learning as you go and wondering if you are being the best parent you can. Towards the end of the year my health took a turn for the worse, with a infection which turned out to be a kidney stone and than being hospitalized for a while fighting that infection, that was the hardest time, not only focusing on getting better but missing Phoebe was heart-breaking for me, and I hope something like that never happens again anytime soon. 

Creatively speaking, things went pretty well for both of us, Kings and Thieves has grown and keeps on growing into what we envision for it and the new year brings us more opportunities to meet amazing couples, maybe travel for the first time in a long time and keep reaching more goals. Delphine and Eyre, just being launched has a far bit of growing to go and I hopefully will find the motivation I need to expand and tap into that part of my creative side to let that happen, I hope to capture more families, collaborate with amazing designers and moms and perhaps even start planning my dream job.

I can't wait for 2017 but at the same time I hope it all does not fly by as fast as this year did. There is alot of significant events happening in the new year that I welcome with an open heart, Phoebe has her first ever birthday celebrations [been planning it forever],  Colour 2017 with the mom-to-be Kayla, a bunch of family weddings, maybe some travel plans and I mean who knows, so many things could pop up that we have not planned. This year has been filled with more blessings than I could of asked for and I can't wait to see what God has planned for us in the new year. I hope you all have had a blessed year, a merry year and a memorable one to boot. May 2017 bring you more adventures, more achieved goals and more memories with your little ones. 

"You crown the year with a bountiful harvest; even the hard pathways overflow with abundance" 

Psalms 65:11