Little Viking | 7 Month Update

The moment I sit down to write this, an awake seven and a half month old crawls towards all the things she is not supposed to, puts everything in her mouth, goes after the dog or gets off balance and falls over. This has been my life for the past two months or more, sit down, only to get up every second to grab a fast moving baby or comfort her from knocks to the head from the coffee table. Little Viking you are not even walking yet but somehow you are managing to keep me on my toes. 

I love how you are starting to observe everything around you and I guess you are nearing that age when you begin categorizing everything but I notice the smallest of things in your every day. How you fingers are getting longer and how I sort of had a freak out moment because your big toes are huge, how you have tiny ankle bones, your kneecaps and calf muscles are developing for walking, how you stare at your hand and move it around in amazement, you notice something is taller so you can attempt to go over it or lean on it, some musical things scare you, you love the television, the most random of things makes you laugh, your already an animal lover, you love nakey hour a bit to much, a cold breeze makes you gasp, if you see something you go for it and you get upset when you see people eating without you. All these things make up who you are and I can't wait to see you keep growing up, changing and just shining in our lives. Your quite the handful but heck I love you to pieces.

It is a week before your first Christmas ever and I just cannot believe that we have you here and can celebrate as a family for the first time. I can't wait for you to experience Christmas, I want it to be a super fun time for you and to start our own family traditions, such as wearing Christmas pj's on Christmas Eve, watching movies, eating cookies & homemade peppermint hot cocoa, snuggling on the couch and just having some quality family time. I can't wait for you to open presents and obviously you will be more interested in the wrapping, as will Dakota, but for what its worth I can't wait for it all, for you to try trifle for the first time or pop a cracker (you will probably cry at this), get spoilt by family members and meet family for the first time since your birth. The adventures we will have in the Christmas's to come, I can't fathom how joyous they will be with you in our lives.