Little Viking | 6 Month Update

I am writing this at Phoebe just hit the 7 months mark! My bad! Time is literally flying out the darn door, I mean Christmas is around the corner and then 2017 (my brain cannot process it all). 

This month for Phoebe has been discovering the world that surrounds her and she is extremely curious. She is becoming quite the handful for us and she is not even walking yet but we love her crazy personality. She mastered crawling this month, from scooting to doing the worm across the floor (mainly for faster ground coverage), she finally got up on all fours and began to crawl which was exciting, she does this thing which I swear she has learnt off Dakota our dog, she will put a object in her mouth and crawl around the room, it is so hilarious and perhaps a little strange but what the heck we love her. She is getting quite vocal and is saying "daddadda" "mummummu" and other words, she says mum alot when she gets hurt or something gets taken away from her (yayy).

Teething is certainly a journey no-one wants to venture on and she has been on that road for a while now but the past few weeks her bottom teeth are emerging through the gums which by the way is the grossest thing to feel ever! they feel like shards of glass to be honest and I cannot imagine how it all must feel for her, poor bubba! We have been using Bonjela and Panadol when she is hurting the most and she has a tonne of teething goodies for her enjoyment. She loves loves chewing on the organic rusks which turns out to be a gross mess in the end and literally ends up all over her face but hey if it keeps her happy as can be then I am happy. In terms of eating she is on solids and has been for a while, she eats just about anything really but love love loves fruit and anything sweet! 

I love that she has a sweet bond with Dakota, so glad that Dakota has a good temperament so she can deal with all the hand swipes, being chased around the room because Phoebe wants her toy or just the loudness of a toddler in the house. She is so gentle with Phoebe and it just makes my heart swell that they will be the best of buddies for a while.

Other things that Phoebe loves is of course walking, we hold her hands and let her run around and she just lights up with happiness, she adores bath time and the splash zone is getting wider and wider, she has an obsession with fabric tags on anything and just loves grasping them or chewing them, she loves her toys especially when they give her "kisses" and she loves plastic bottles and the lids to her own bottles for some reason. Anything that can go in her mouth she loves, even if it is the crib railing because now she can stand up in her crib! Bloody heck. She is a thrill seeker and loves being a little crazy with us, she does this cute thing where she will bury her head into my body and I nom on her neck and she loves it so much, her laughs are just the cutest and she is so darn cheeky I cannot even handle. 

She had to get her vaccinations the other day which again is just so sad for this mumma to watch but she was fine afterwards. Her head circumference is 41.8cm, her weight is 7.6kg and her height is 66cm. I love that her head is in the 25th percentile, she just has a small cute head and I love it. She has the best chunky leg rolls ever and the cutest dimples in her arms and hand!! Golly, we love her so much and cannot wait to celebrate Christmas as a family. This is a pretty short update but things have been hectic for us and cannot wait to get back on the track of blogging.