The Meaning Of Pregnancy

So today 26th October 2015 I am 15 weeks pregnant! It is moving slowly and fast at the same time but boy do I want it to move a bit quicker. We have another ultrasound towards the end of November and I cannot wait for it. I thought I would look up the definition of pregnancy, because I have just never looked it up before and am quite curious as to what Mr Dictionary says, I pulled out a few words that just stood out to me and filled me with love. 

Abounding, rich, full of meaning, momentous.

I love the meaning "filled with meaning or importance that has not yet been expressed or understood" This just speaks to me so greatly, being pregnant is such a blessing from God and this little life inside of me he has created for us. This little human he already adores, is already a great importance to him just as I was when I was not yet formed. And the whole bit about has not yet been expressed or understood, to me that means that the love that we will experience from holding our baby for the first time, the moments of utmost joy and the adventures. In the bible (The Message), Psalm 22:9-10 says "And to think you were a midwife at my birth, setting me at my mother's breasts.When I left the womb you cradled me, since the moment of birth you've been my God" I just love the power behind this verse, I cannot even begin to imagine the presence of God in the room when I go to give birth, I hope it will be the most touching-heaven moments of my life. The thought that God hands me our little baby that he blessed us with, to be loved unconditionally by us, it is just mind blowing. The thought that he has cradled our unborn child and will keep doing so until they are called home, that just gives me hope and faith that God will never leave our child's side no matter what, he will always be there with them through everything, just loving them and guiding them. I just love it and hope this post gives you the faith and reassurance in God's plan and love for you and your baby.