Little Viking | 6 Weeks Update

The title of this post is quite fitting for this week actually. Poor Phoebe had to have her injections this week and holy heck it weakened our newly parental hearts. You could literally see the different stages of emotion filter through her little face (we seriously have PTSD from it and I bet she does as well). So far today she is doing fine, she does wake up more grouchy than usual and she did have another massive cry that made us cry. (ughh)

Overall her health and growing status is quite well, she is putting on some cute little leg rolls and her newborn clothing is becoming a littttttle bit snug for her body. She is beyond vocal and loves having a good ole chat getting changed, lying on her back or just occupying herself. She enjoys tummy time or crawling up Benjamin as a ladder (here's hoping she will be a early crawler, well just my hopes). Her lovely little hair is growing in and in the sun it is RED! how exciting! Still unknown if it it will be curly or straight or even what her eye color will be! So far her eyes are still grey-bluey and heck her eyelashes are on point! So jealous!

We just got back from a trip to Tamworth to visit family up that way and Phoebe travels so well in the car its quite amazing. She slept most of the way and we stopped a few times to feed and change her but overall it was a pleasant trip for us as a family. I think she does like some sort of ambient noise at night when she sleeps because some nights up in Tamworth we slept with the little heater off and she woke up more often. We are pretty sure her witching hour is 6:30am, she loves sleeping during the day and does it so well but at night she is a light sleeper or maybe we are just awake and asleep at the wrong times. We think she will teeth early because we can see the teeth in her gums and she is becoming quite the drooler already! 

I am doing really well, I feel back to normal this week and I am pretty sure I got my period (well I think so) because I got pretty darn irritable, crampy and had a few headaches this week. I also have broken out with a tonne of pimples which is horrible and eww. I don't like pimples and I feel like a teenage kid again. We are still breastfeeding and giving formula, I am finding breastfeeding is more convenient than pumping especially when I want to feel empty pretty quickly. I am so so keen to work out and will probably stick to walking for another couple of weeks and then do some Blogilaties <3 (seriously the love of my life before I found out I was pregnant). I have lost 4 kilograms in the space of a few weeks so I am quite happy with that and honestly do not understand since I have been eating like a winter pig!