Little Viking's Nursery Reveal

It is finally done (well I hope it is) 

The nursery reveal for Little Viking has finally come and I am so excited to share this little space we have created for this little life that has stolen our hearts. 

When I started out even thinking about her nursery, the vision I had compared to how it turned out in the end was entirely different. Well for starters I did not know that we would even have our own place and that she would even have her own room (blessed), the moment we moved in I was thinking of ideas. 

The main vision or theme if you will that I had in my mind was something adventurous, wild, nature inspired & a little gender neutral. I wanted a space/theme that we could change around in a heartbeat, something we could easily add decor to & something simple. I knew I did not want to overdo it with decor & little items (although I really thought the designer side of me would take hold). I think I learnt to compromise very easily with decorating her nursery, of course I wanted the expensive designer items like the crib & rocker but seriously I am so glad we went the "budget" way for this first nursery, it honestly turned out to be the most perfect space. Probably with the next nursery or when we eventually buy a house then I will go a little more crazy with everything or even for her big girl room (eventually) I will let out the inner designer in me but for now I am so content with the space we created.