Little Viking | 4 Month Update

I can’t believe that Little Viking is four months old already! I am actually writing this and she is a few days out from 5 months! How is it possible!! She is looking more and more like a kid these days than a little wee babe. I recently made a video for my new vlog channel and I used a lot of clips from some videos we recorded in her first few weeks of life and the amount of growing and changing in the way her face looks now, her personality and her tiny body is just insane! My absolute favourite thing about her right now is her chubby little legs and wrist! I just want to nom on them all day which by the way makes her laugh, she is also ticklish under her chin and her ribcage which is just adorable. So this month she is right on cue with her monthly milestones, she mastered the art of rolling over in a matter of hours I swear and by the end of this week I am pretty sure that she will be crawling like a champ. It is so ridiculous how fast they progress, like a few weeks ago she could just reach out for her toys on the play mat and now she can grab them and play with them, her grip is super strong and the way her little face concentrates gets me every time. She is doing mini planks and push-ups when she is on the ground and her upper core strength is impressive, like seriously girl where do you work out?!! She has starting lunging her body towards objects of interest – the nappy wipe packet or she pushes off on one of her feet.

We really want to do baby led weaning so unfortunately for her she has to hold off on eating solids for at least another month or I mean until she can sit up properly and bring food to her mouth. But at the moment she has such an interest in food, like it is a bit insane, I already have one dog staring at me while I eat and now I have a baby as well. I have been giving her like little teeny tiny sauces or whatever I am eating like on the top of my finger and I just place it in her mouth and so far she just smiles at me, drools a tonne and then looks for more! I am so sorry bubba! Mama is so mean for doing this but I am happy she has not had any reactions so far. We did let her mess around with some avocado and hold some apple pieces, she was so close to putting them in her mouth but then she would just drop them on the ground. Another note on her feeding, she has like around 5-6 bottles a day more sometimes, she is drinking about 125 – 180ml in formula and is loving it. Sadly I think she is weaning herself off the breast, I know that it is possible or at least she is going through a nursing strike. It might be my fault though but it could also be down to her teething or whatever. So a few weeks ago she would happily nurse about 3-4 times a day and once or twice at night time, but since she hit the 4 month mark she is just so distracted by everything around her, it is a little frustrating for me, so during those weeks I sort of cut down on maybe 1-2 nursing sessions a day and to be honest I felt a little happy to get my body back to myself, I don’t know if that is a reasonable thing to say but I was just happy to sit and not nurse all the time. Last week she got her vaccines done and seriously she took it so well! She did cry like a banshee but when we got home she was not in pain or anything, we gave her a massive deep warm bath and she slept the entire night! I was like whaa?! She even slept through the next night which totally floored us. So this was the week where she started refusing nursing, she would literally push away, fuss, cry and just freak out. So I mean it can either be her weaning or just a nursing strike. Also her stats from her four month appointment, was her head is 40cm so it is in the 25th percentile (tiny head naww), her weight is around 6.6kg which is average and her length is on the taller side which is exciting.

Speaking of sleeping, she has about three or four naps during the day that range from 20 mins, half an hour or if I am damn lucky 2 hours. We have been finding her falling asleep so much easier whilst on her side and she has been chucking massive fits if she is over-tired which is by far the most stressful thing ever to me. So she falls asleep on the boppy pillow on my lap and I can rock her in it quite easily, Benjamin also has magic and can get her asleep quickly in his arms. Yes, I know we are spoiling her and ruining her ability to sooth herself but she is only 4 months and if she wants to be cuddled and loved then that is what I am going to give her. She is now sleeping in her crib at night and the transition wasn’t an easy one, I guess because the crib has so much open space than a bassinet and she would wake up in fright and the unknown space I guess was a bit intense for her. But now she is used to it and she wakes up 1 or twice in the night depending on what time we all go to bed, she also wakes up in the morning all happy and literally lays there or goes onto her tummy and just has a good ole chat to the curtain, she also runs her hand along the bars “prison style”. 

Some of her new tricks are spitting her dummy out of her mouth sometimes across the room, she also loves taking it out of her mouth with her hands and figuring out how to put it back in which makes her get a comical concentration face on. She loves her toys so much and loves chewing on them especially her little grey bunny from Purebaby and her Wee Gallery soft animal book. She is teething and has been for a while, she sure chomps down hard nowadays. She tends to be really picky with what she chews on, so we got some of those teethers you put in the fridge and if I am holding it she is like what the heck and if she holds it she will put it in her mouth but then be shocked by the cold, we also have a wooden monster one that we got from Pop Ya Tot which I am waiting to use when she actually starts cutting a tooth but it is seriously adorable. I totally realised the other day that she does not do raspberries anymore! How sad, she was obsessed with doing those for forever and now all she does is vocalise like a diva. She simply adores bath time with is so super fun for me because I love it too (we don’t have a bath in this rental and it is heartbreaking) but heck she enjoys her little bath tub from IKEA, she kicks her legs in the water which ends up making our pj’s super wet before bedtime, she plays with her rubber duck or the wash cloth and just loves it. She does not love getting dry and putting her cloth back on, I swear she just wants to be nakey all the time!!  We did have a bath together up in Tamworth and she loved it sooo much!!! She loved that I was in there with her and how deep the water was, I did kind of suck on not getting water in her face but yeah I really can’t wait for her to do swimming lessons and I hope she loves it just the same. We also swapped the Bugaboo around from bassinet to seat because she was not a happy camper lying down in there and just wanted to get out, but now that she is on the seat she darn well loves! She is still a vampire baby and dislikes the sun in her face (boo) but she loves looking at trees, the sky and just is so curious. She is very sociable and smiley at people when she knows them and is in our arms, but the minute we hand her over to someone unknown she just freaks out and cries, poor bubba! Also another thing I regret is not reading to her more often, we are just so tired at nights and I always forget too! But when I get the chance she loves the touch and feel style books, she even attempts to turn the page herself which is cute, she also loves television, yep I went there, from the get go her eyes went straight to it! We could not help it!! But yeah she loves it and smiles at all the people like she knows them, we wake up and watch Youtube together and she loves Ellie and Jared, because I watched it all the time when pregnant so she knows their voices which is so adorable!

So yeah that is her four months update!!