Little Viking | 3 Month Update

Little Viking is three months old this week! She is growing so quickly and everyday is a new day for her.

Over the past few weeks she has been developing new skills, traits & discovering the world around her. She still loves her hands and just loves putting them in her mouth, she has also discovered her bunny toy which is also something that she loves putting in her mouth - I have been teaching her kisses with her bunny and she smiles when I give her kisses now or she is just trying to nom on my face. We really do think she is an early teether, she is a drool queen at the moment and she loves chewing on anything near her mouth. If you feel around on her gums you can feel little nubs and she goes a little cray chewing on our fingers. She has been a little out of sorts for the past week on some days, she is just cranky when she doesn't nap for very long and when I mean cranky I mean crazy, red faced exhausted crazy! some days when she has these episodes it is a bit overwhelming and when I am by myself it does get a bit hard but once she is asleep everything is fine and fingers crossed she always stays asleep. 

She has been grabbing at so many things and she is so so close to crawling when she has tummy time or nakey hour - we think she moves more freely without a cloth diaper on. She has been bringing her knees up under her body a bit better and is doing half cobra push ups on her elbows and looking around which is so exciting. She did roll over the other day when I was changing her which was a shock and I don't even think she realised it, but she has not done it again. Sadly majority of her newborn clothes barely fits her anymore so we have moved up to 3-6 months, some of it is a bit big for her but I am so glad we had a tonne of clothes sitting in the cupboard because I was so worried that we wouldn't have anything for her to wear. She does still need a tonne of onsies because she really does not fit well in the ones she has now and she has a tonne of leggings but not that many shirts which is a bit worrying.

She has been taking shorter naps during the day which is tough when I have to do editing and vlogging things but I manage to work around it. She has been sleeping through the night which is so nice - I mean from like midnight till 6am. We have been letting her have day naps in the crib because she is starting to get a bit big for the bassinet sadly, she sometimes has short naps or longish ones in the crib but I think it is all about getting her used to being in there alone, we do have a breathing monitor and portable one so when we are downstairs or busy we can keep and eye on her breathing - it did freak me out at first but slowly getting used to it. I have been lazy with breastfeeding perhaps because formula feeding is just so much easier but I have been trying to pick it up so I have been breastfeeding her when she is in a sleep state or starts stirring at nighttime, I do it at this time because I find she is not fussy and she nurses for an hour at the most. 

I love how her personality is constantly showing up, she loves smiling and I love that she does cheeky shy smiles at random people that shows interest in her. She loves watching the tv and things on our phones - we failed big time with that and she is starting to entertain herself whilst lying in her bassinet. One thing that is coming up that I am so not looking forward to is her four month check up, last time it was just so horrible to watch her get her immuninisation at the 6 week check up but now she will be much more aware of what is going on and the last time she was at the dr she literally freaked out before anything begun so she is pretty darn not a fan of different situations or scary hospitals. I am really nervous for it and I just don't want her to have PTSD or I just freak out at how difficult it might be to calm her down. And also I am excited to plan her first birthday celebration but just so unsure about what to do for it! I guess I will see in the next few months her personality and see if I can think of an amazing theme to do for it.

I was thinking today that how crazy it is to think that God knew about Phoebe before either of us, he knew about her existence before we even met, when we met in our teenage years, even when we broke up and eventually got back together. If all of that did not happen she would not even be here! That just freaks me out but at the same time astounds me that if we didn't have him guiding us back together, forging our paths, we would not have this beautiful little soul to call our own. I am just so grateful that everything happens for a reason and that I have one amazing Father who loves me beyond words, guiding my entire life. I can't wait for the other secrets in the future!

Well that is her three month update! And here are some adorable captures of her in her first ever Rock Your Baby threads!!