Little Viking | 2 Month Update

2 months already!!! 

Little Viking is growing up so fast! I cannot believe it. 

These days she is doing pretty well, she is eating a tonne more, sleeping longer periods (praise jesus) and is just a bundle of fun. She loves standing on her little legs and bopping up and down already, she loves mimicking our voices/words and sounds we make to her, it is seriously the cutest thing ever. We are currently working on "i love you", she totally gets the "you" part of it and just says "Oooh" but heck it is darn cute and you can see her little mind at work as she watches our mouths. Her tongue is suddenly massive and is all over the place! Quite shocked at how quickly she progressed with it, last week I swear she was just starting to poke it out and now it is everywhere when she smiles and tries to make sounds. Her ears are also massive and it just freaks me out a bit at how fast her body grows! Her eye colour is changing slowly, still looks blue but the other day I managed to capture a photograph and it had the solar flare, orange colour that I have in my eye so who knows (pictured below). Her eyelashes are as always on point and oh so pretty to look at and her hair is brownish but certainly red in lighter situations.

She is beginning to reach for things not only with her hands but with her entire body, more like lunging towards objects that take her attention, her hand grasp is getting better and she now will grab at anything her hand is enclosed around. Last night I was changing her and she had her hand on Benjamin's key's and she totally flung them towards her like a crazy person! She loves to have her diaper changed and will kick and smile up at you but will get fussy if you take to long to change her clothes. I keep waking up an hour and a bit before she actually wakes up because I am so in-tune with her noises at night and then I walk around or wait like a loser, or when I decide to fall asleep only then does she make proper waking up sounds. (babies!!)  She is growing out of her clothes and pretty soon we are going to have to get more, I did end up buying her the cutest little nordic snow jumper from Purebaby and of course a Little Viking onesie also from Purebaby. Can't wait to get more outfits for her, especially shoes! Bring on the Vans! I just can't wait for a lot of things! 

I am so motivated to start working out again. I feel ready and I sure hope my body is but I will not push it till it breaks that is for sure. Before pregnancy I worked out at home with Blogilates, a Youtube channel and I really really enjoyed it. I could pick what workouts I wanted to do and for how long and I didn't really have a strict guide so it was so much fun. I even started doing cardio dance workouts (which Benjamin found hilarious, because I cannot dance to save the life of me). I really want to start doing Blogilates again but will probably start with the beginners workouts just because I am unsure of what my body can take after a c-section. But we have been walking almost everyday and the hills of Katoomba are not kind to the faint hearted but heck I will admit my butt and thigh muscles are looking and feeling great which for me is a huge buzz. I just love feeling back to normal, I can fit into normal clothes (yayy to no-more track pants and jogger days) and I even have the urge to do my nails but not sure when that will happen. I do want to tackle my hair at some point, and when I mean tackle, heck I bloody mean it. My hair is a wild beast at the moment that needs a very very urgent cut/change and I am dying for a mani/pedi someday soon (hello birthday month, hint hint). 

Speaking of birthday's! Yes mine is this month and I cannot believe I am 27 this year (yayy..) I really think what ever money I get I will just spend on Phoebe because I just want to give her everything! I am so bad. If I go to the shop looking for something to me and don't succeed I end up buying her something, or Ben or the dogs! So horrible but I just love giving other people gifts. It just brings me so much joy. So maybe it is fitting that I am born in the month of Christmas in July (which cannot wait for the celebrations for it soon)

Hope you enjoy this update and can't wait to see how she grows in the next few weeks.