First Midwives & Dr Appointments

When I was 8 weeks and 3 days pregnant the morning sickness began for me, I was eating a lovely soup that my mother had cooked and literally had 3 mouthfuls and I felt instantly sick, it was sudden and disgusting and I don't want that happening again. I felt so exhausted that whole week, just a lazy sloth who wanted to sleep all the time and my breasts, my golly they were so sore and achy. But things did get better from there and the morning sickness didn't stick around to torture me.

On the 15th of September we had our first midwives appointment at Westmead Hospital, I was super nervous leading up to it and really prayed that we got a nice helpful midwife and that everything just went smoothly. When we got there the waiting room was empty but we still had to wait which was fine. The midwife that interviewed me was so lovely and she had another midwife with her learning the ropes and together they were just so inviting and warm. They of course asked me a million and one questions and informed me the due date was the 18th of April by dates so I do not know why the 16th was ever a date. Afterwards we had an appointment with one of the Dr in the clinic and she was very helpful too, she told us a lot of information and that we would probably be doing most of everything at Westmead including the birth, which is fine by me (just waiting on to have a tour!) just because this pregnancy is a high risk because the Dr just wants to keep an eye on me and baby. Being high risk does feel like a bit of a pity for me, more of a label, but at least we will be getting the best care possible. We booked more appointments for later on and we also got to see our little baby!! We saw its little heartbeat flickering, its little body and nubs/legs and it was adorable! So teeny. It even put its little arm in the air for us, as if to say "all is good". It was so wonderful and a blessing to be able to see a little tiny baby inside me and we felt so much love and excitement.  Bring on more ultrasounds I say, those things are awesome. I just want to hire one forever!